waterproofing Spy's necessary? Tips / help please

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  1. Hi what products are safe - Fendi approved - to waterproof / stain proof leather Spy's. The leather looks really supple and fragile / potential absorbant to me and I have been too scared to take mine out in winter in case I get caught in a storm or a clumsy waiter spills something on it in a restaurant, or my children touch it with grubby hands etc...Help... :girlsigh:I want to carry it! Is it ok to use an Italian made waterproofing shoe spray?
  2. I wasn't aware that waterproofing Spy's were necessary... I have a silver/gold one and it's been everywhere, including under airline seats but they've been ok :supacool:

    I would recommend AppleGuard though - I use them for my balenciagas and they work miracles on the leather :sweatdrop:
  3. I really would not recommend putting anything on your spy. If its a new spy from current seasons then it will come with a protective cover to the leather already applied. If its a old spy from 05 early 06 I still would not put anything on it unless the colour starts to "blush",and then use Apple leather conditioner, would not under any circumstances use a shoe spray you could ruin the bag,......just my opinion
  4. Thanks pyrexia and Saich2 for your advice I appreciate it. I think my Spy is from 2006 and it is really soft. Do you think it has the protective coating? It is cognac not metallic.
    Saich2 that is interesting you know about Apple I thought it was just a US brand can you buy it in the UK? I live in France and I have never seen it here but my husband goes to the UK on business all the time and could get me some if he knew the outlet.
    It's good to know you really think the bag is safe I think it is so perfect I don't want it to be damaged in any way like a lot of the pre-lvoved ones you see on ebay that are stained underneath etc.
  5. You can order Apple online from the US, if you just google it you can find companys that sell it. Do not think you can buy it in the UK. A lot of Cognac 2006 can get "blushing" or fading, but if your bag has no blushing would leave it alone.
  6. Thanks Saich2 I appreciate that I will look into it. What do you do then if horror of horror a Spy bag has something spilt on it or befalls some other potentially staining accident? I am not sure if my Spy is 2006 or 2007 its pristine brand new pretty much it has no blushing or marks.
    I want to make sure I am prepared that I have a 'first aid kit' for my bags!!he he he
  7. I think I would die.....lol....in fact I know I would. My spies stay wrap up safe in the closet, would never take them out in bad weather and I am so careful with them.
    I think if anything did happen to one of my bags would rush it to a Fendi store and let them deal with it
  8. Hi Saich2 I relate to that my problem is that my nearest store is in Paris which is the other side of the country for me I am in the South. Better weather but not so great shopping!:smile: So I really need some sort of emergency response plan for minimising damage.

    With the apple products did you use the water retardant too (I'm sure that's what they called it) or just the cleanser + conditioner?

    I was thinking though there must be some good UK, French, Italian products that do the same - ie UK Royal Warrant products and France and Italy make the bags in the first place - surely Fendi recommends something? I will call them and let the team know what they say...

    Do you use purseket's in your bags to make it an easier prep to switch day bags? I am wondering if they work?