waterproof canvas coco cabas?

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  1. Has any one seen the waterproof canvas coco cabas? I called Chanel 800 number today to find a coco cabas and the lady on the phone told me that there is one made of waterproff cavas.

    I haven't seen one yet.... Any one ? How does it look like? Is it more like the satin one? Please educate me ...
  2. Waterproof canvas? Canvas as in the type of stuff they make book bag totes out of?

    I know they have a vinyl one that I assume is waterproof. Have yet to see any canvas cabas...
  3. hmm... never heard of waterproof canvas one, maybe she meant the vinyl one?
  4. there will be canvas 'cabas' coming up, in navy and gold i heard.

  5. ^^ wow really? i can't wait!
  6. it's larger than the baby cabas, i think it's the original cabas' size. i don't have much info on it but was told by a fellow tpfer who asked her SA about the cabas canvas.

  7. Will that be the one from the Cruise collection? I thought I saw them in the booklet....
  8. ^ yea i believe it's from the cruise collection :smile:
  9. So, I'm imagining the material will be like the P-B collection, which was coated, waterproof canvas? Hmmmm...
  10. ^Okay that seems interesting. I thought she meant the canvas used in those normal book tote bags.
  11. Is there any pics of this bag?
  12. the canvas cabas is the 'pacific palisade' bag from cruise 08. it's the beige one with the big CCs and the rope looking handles (check runway pics for reference) the price is $3150 for the small one and there's also a bigger one. i'm not sure about the price on the big one. it will come in black with white letters and beige with cream letters. hope that helps.
  13. oooh here's the pic

    i ordered one and my SA said it's not patent...just treated canvas
  14. Wow, that price is really steep for a canvas bag!:wtf:

  15. hey fashionispoison, actually it isn't that model. the canvas cabas is the same as the cabas but it's in canvas. i've actually seen the picture of it and it's the same shape as the cabas. ;)