watercolor speedy 35 pr monogramouflage speedy 35


May 23, 2008
HI! Which bag do you prefer the watercolor brown speedy 35 or monogramouflage speedy 35? Which bag do you think would last i mean with the design and style? Which looks hot?;)


Jul 5, 2008
The Rainy City
I really like both and bought both. I returned the camo - but if is came in a 25 or 30 I might have kept it. The monogramouflage did not work for me and my wardroom. The watercolor is very me. Honestly, I think it is easier to wear in general and will last longer. To me, it looks like an update to the MC line. On the other hand, the camo look is always in as well. So I think that those who have it will wear it for years to come as well. They are just very different to me.


Jul 19, 2008
I love the Watercolor more than the Monogramouflage. I love the colour of Watercolor. I don't like Monogramouflage because somehow it's too attractive for me.


Oct 17, 2007
Atlanta, GA USA
I have seen both in person and think the watercolor is more feminine, elegant and you can wear it forever - isn't fady looking. It looks timeless to me.

The camo is more like a fad or "in the moment" look that LV decided on. You could wear that all the time too, but how would you feel about it in 2-3 years? 5 years? Will it seem outdated or silly to you? The watercolor is just so delicate that I wouldn't feel silly wearing it 10 years from now.

I also tested out the camo belts today at the boutique and noted to myself that the camo belt would be better to buy and wear because it's a smaller accent piece that can always be used over time. The bag is big and may look too silly later on..

I try to stay with items that I can see myself wearing for the long-haul and I think the camo would go to the bottom of my list after the newness rubs off, but the belt I can wear and not get tired of it.

I DO think that the denim camo looks hot and would prefer the Lys over the actual speedy.

Just some thoughts..