watercolor belt on ELUX!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Oh, I wish I could get it (saving for WC VVN speedy and Pap). It is so nice. I hope I wont regret it.
  2. I think that leather piece on the front of the belt is too long - looks weird and obstructs too much of the watercolor canvas. It's an odd colour too that doesn't really match the canvas. IMHO
  3. Oh, cool, I'm glad they are out! I prefer the one on the LV website, the leather is just regular vachetta rather than the mustard colour. I really want it!
  4. hope someone get it... i am going to boutique to see it:yes:
  5. i think its just the way elux photographed it, msybe it had patinaed already...
  6. ^^ Yeah you're probably right, unless it is a picture of a prototype or something because the leather definitely looks mustard like on the Jamais.
  7. Hmmm it doesn't look as nice as the Speedy or the Bandeau due to the yellow bit at the front. :s
  8. I wish it was all watercolor like my multicolor belt. I don't like the leather piece in the front
  9. ^^ i agree, it takes away from the beauty of the WC.
  10. Yeah I'd have to agree with everyone about the leather bit.. just REALLY weird !! I wish it was done up like the MC belt !
  11. Even though I find the leather piece really weird, I like it.
  12. Someone please buy it.....and model it with jeans!!!!
  13. I saw that on elux too! :nuts: I love it, going to call my SA tomorrow, hopefully, they have it at the boutique.
  14. I agree, too much of the leather on the front of the belt! I wish the belt were a little thinner too