Water stained satin clutch!


Aug 23, 2009
I have a beautiful peach coloured clutch which was sporting a few dark marks the other day and silly me tried to dab it off with a facial wipe. Now there is a massive water stain.. is there anything I can do to save the clutch?! Thanks!


Mar 23, 2006
England, UK.
Oh dear, sorry to hear that. :sad:

I think you may have to wash it, too, if you can?

Before you do, does it have any embellishment and/or trim? If so, what and what colour is it?

What is the lining made of?

What colour is the lining?

Definitely don't try to wash the whole thing if it has a dark and/or leather (or real suede) lining, or any darker fabric, or leather, trim or embellishment. :nogood:

If it just has a dark and/or leather lining (and no darker and/or leather trim, or embellishment) you could try gently pulling the lining out of the inside of the bag, if possible and then just washing the outer part in something very gentle, like Woolite.

I think I'd try the method titania posted first, though.
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