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Sep 22, 2008
Hi, lurked here for quite some time getting great advice. In fact before I found this forum I had never considered getting a luxury watch. Now I want to purchase my first high end watch and am looking to you experts for help.

My considerations are varied, either a Cartier Roadster, Rolex Midsize Datejust with either pink or black face or a Tag Heuer Aquaracer with MOP and diamonds. Any thoughts or pics on wrist would greatly help.

I have been reading about Rolex, my concern is the upkeep. Can you give me an idea on how they wear? Remain waterproof, keep accurate time, longevity?



Nov 8, 2006
Here is a lengthy thread discussing the pros and cons of each:

Personally, I own two Rolexes and a Roadster. I don't do anything for them in terms of upkeep. The Roadster is a quartz watch (as most ladies' Cartier models are -- one reason why many people thing a Rolex is a better watch). Anyway, the most that watch is going to need is a new battery. I've heard that Rolexes need annual cleaning and "maintenance" - which runs several hundered dollars. I've never done this and my oldest Rolex was over 20 years old before I flipped it for a newer one.

I did break the balance crystal in my Yachtmaster. Dropped it onto the floor and it stopped. I took it into a watch repair place that was authorized to work on Rolex. It came back clean and as good as new...and cost about $500.

I think that the most important thing with the Rolex is to either wear it alot or keep it on a winder. It's not a good idea to let it run down and then have to reset it continually. I don't wear mine in the shower, but if you plan to get it wet, just make sure the crown is screwed down all the way.


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Jan 12, 2007
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Cartier and Rolex make excellent time pieces, so it's really about your lifestyle, when you make the pick. Rolex offers a more unisex, sportier look. Cartier is dainty. Tag offers both. All great choices! The upkeep on the Rolex is expensive since it's an automatic watch. You never have to worry about the Cartier or Tag unless you damage it or need a new battery. All of the watches you are looking at will last a long time with care.

I'd get to a fine jeweler and try them all on. The models you picked feel and look different on each person. Like I was in love the Roadster and the measurements were fine for my wrist. But when I tried it on it really overwhelmed my wrist. The Tag looks amazing in person. Love love the diamonds!


Apr 7, 2009
First you have to decide if you want a watch with a quartz movement or an automatic movement. I think all Rolex models have automatic movements today. That means you have to have it serviced about every 5 years. If you do that it can last several generations.

Watches with quartz movements needs new batteries every few years. If you spend money on an expensive piece, I would have it serviced every 5-10 years or so, but that will not be as expensive as service on an automatic movement.
A quartz movement will last for a few years - 40 years? When the movement doesn't work any more you can change it for a new one, as long as the correct size is available.

I would go for a Cartier og a Rolex watch. Imho they are totally in a whole other league than Tag.