watch face repair

  1. since so many of you ladies are much much knowledgable than me in the shopping department, i was wondering if any of you could help me out :shame:......i've been thinking of getting myself an expensive (at least expensive for me :Push:smile: watch for the longest time.....i still can't afford it but i'm getting there by cutting back on the bags anyways my major concern is the watch face.....i'm just about the clumsiest person in the world, and i'm ALWAYS banging my wrist on something......on walls when i turn on corner, on drawers while taking clothes out, on closet doors, clothing racks, while trying to hit people in dreams obviously this results in all my the faces of my watches eventually having little chips/cracks in them......and i was wondering, can you replace the glass on the faces of your watches? i'd hate to spend thousands on a watch only to have to throw it away a few months later when i crack the face :sad: (and "trying harder" to take care of it isn't really an option....i'm really really careful but just extremely clumsy and i need a watch for everyday use :P)
  2. Don't worry about getting the faces scratched or cracked. Expensive watches have sapphire crystal faces that's scratch resistant. I have a Rolex that's been through hell and the face is still good as new. I just wish that the bands are scratch resistant too.
  3. awww thanks pursegal.......i definitely can't afford a rolex, but i'm looking at a technomarine.....i hope its face is just as good :shame:, and the strap is ceramic which means i probably don't need to worry about scratches on that end :smile:

    [edit[ i just does have a sapphire face yay :lol: