Washing dry hair

  1. Hi all-

    So, I was just curious how often you guys wash your hair. I used to wash my hair only every other day because I straighten it with a flat iron and it gets dry, but then I started washing it everyday because it would get too flat and I always got paranoid that it would get stinky. Now the daily washing has come back to bite me, as my hair is getting really dry really quickly. I just had my hair cut, but now the challenge is to get it back healthy again. I CANNOT stop straightening it, as my hair looks absolutely awful when left natural. Can anyone recommend some help, specifically, how can I wash it every other day but not have it go limp and smell like unwashed hair?
  2. I wash my hair every other day. My hairstylist says you should NEVER wash your hair everyday!

    Mine doesn't smell or get limp after one day of not washing it!?!
  3. My only suggestion is that you need to try using a volumizing shampoo and purchase a professional blow dryer to stop using the iron! And use lots of Deep Conditioning Treatments on your ends. Also the shampoo you are using can cause extra dryness, try using another brand. I am currently using Biolage, they have a great line of products.
  4. i would say when it starts to get limp tip your hair upside down and blast it with the hairdryer it will giveit a bit of a lift.. if your really paranoid wear it up..

    i wash my hair everyother day or every 2 days. its VERY bad to wash it everday
  5. you could cut down on the shampoo and "wash" your hair with conditioner. it does get your hair and scalp clean.
  6. You can also just concentrate the shampoo on your roots where it's probably a little oilier. I for one can't get started in the morning without washing my hair whether it needs it or not, so at least a light rinse with a conditioner is better than nothing.
  7. I have to wash my hair daily, my scalp is way too oily to let it go. After 24 hours it looks like I haven't washed it in a week. I don't have any problems with it drying out..... Currently I am using Dove shampoo and conditioner, and I blow dry it almost every day.
  8. I don't know if this would work with your hairstyle, but I don't like to wash my hair more than twice a week and what I do is when I shower, I wrap it in a towel so the steam sort of freshens it up and I put in a TINY dab of pomade to take out the frizz.

    One good thing about washing very infrequenlty -- I don't get split ends. I haven't had my hair trimmed in MONTHS. I go in for highlights every 5-6 weeks and the last the times my stylist has not bothered to cut my hair because I am trying to grow it out some and she said that since I had zero split ends there was no point in her charging me to trim off ends that don't need it.

    My ends are just now starting to look a little straggly, but still no split ends even after 2o weeks without a trim.
  9. I wash my hair everyother day, especially when I take the time and effort to straighten it out . I had a major knee surgery a few months ago and couldn't stand very long, especially in the shower to shampoo, condition, etc. I read a beauty tip for your hair using baby powder. I did this and it worked well. Basically, the day after (or 2nd day) washing your hair, put some baby powder in your roots to absorb the oils and fluff up your hair and give you lift. If you have lighter hair this works well, I'm not sure if you have darker hair. Just sprinkle some into your fingertips and fluff away. It's cheap and easy.:wlae: :wlae:
  10. On the days I don't shampoo, I still will rinse my hair really well in the shower, then put some conditioner just on the hair itself, avoiding the scalp area. I've had oily hair since seemingly since I was born and always washed my hair every day. As I'm getting older, my hair has been drying out, but the scalp is still testy! This routine works pretty well for me and since the rinsing part rinses out all my styling product, I can pretty well start fresh after I get out of the shower. It works for me. My hair still feels and smells clean, but not dried out.
  11. Just remembered something you might want to try. There is a product called ReDo in the Jonathan Product hair care line. I use most of his product line, but I've never tried it. It's supposed to take all the day's gunk out of your hair by just spraying it on dry hair. I've heard it's really good. Check it out.

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  12. Ooh, thanks Prada, will definitely check out!
  13. I have very dry hair and wash it every two-three days. I put it in a terry turban when I am in the shower on my "off days" and give it a blast upside down with an ionic ceramic hair dryer. I then style and run John Freidmans 5 Minute Miracle from ends to scalp.

    If you tend to have an oily scalp, you can also sprinkle corn starch in place of baby powder to absorb the excess oil.
  14. I would love to be able to wash every 2 days but my hair gets too flat and greasy. I now wash with a "washing conditioner" every other day. The one I use is Devacurl no poo. I've alterating it every other with B&B since June. My hair is way less dry and frizzy.
  15. Because i am a smoker i know that hair can sometimes smell and just an hour has just gone by from the time you washed them.
    Trick no1. You spray with a light perfume your brush(not directly to your hair) and then brush your hair
    Trick no2. There is a special product I've bought called Organics restyle aqua-spray that refreshes your style and gives a great fresh smell!!