Was nice to meet you! I am going of the forum. The moderator "kicked me"...

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  1. So now I can't express myself. I love Coach bags but I DON'T agree about people that spend $20.000 in a bag when in the same moment they do it is many people hungry and sick in this world. Never in this forum I called nobody stupid in this forum. I just was looking the Coach catalog in their website and I found this $20.000 and I was in shock...
    Now this "moderator" sent me this message and I GO. This is ridiculous and funny in the same time.
    Girls, Was nice to meet you! I feel here like in home with all your help and quick answer to my messages, specially because I speak spanish and I am just learning english and never nobody here make me feel bad for my grammar. I don't have complains about nobody, everybody in this forum is very nice and I always will keep you in my heart.
    I was very excited about buy my new Coach Carly tonight in Coach.com and show you the pictures when I have it with me but now I can't do that thanks to this "moderator".
    My e-mail is mwond@hotmail.com if you want to keep in touch with me!

    Thanks a lot!... GRACIAS!!!!!!!!! :heart:

  2. im confused why are you leaving? because a mod told you that???
    maybe you should contact megs or vlad:yes:

    i see what happened
    although you don't agree on the prices of bags you can't call women stupid who choose to spend that amount. it's not right maybe you can express your views without putting people down
  3. I think it was just the tone of your first post in the other thread. Anyway, doesn't look like you're kicked off. Our mods are nice ladies who work hard at keeping the peace here so I wouldn't take it so personally. She was obviously just trying to help you understand how the community works a little better so you'd be happier and not get a lot of heat for things you might say, even if it wasn't meant to be mean. Honestly, this kind of thread just makes things worse. I'm only posting here to say that perhaps you misunderstood and there's no reason for you to leave. And to say that our mods are great gals and I doubt any of them have anything but the best intentions for you.
  4. we don't post PMs, by mods or anyone, here. they're called private for a reason. - Amanda
  5. I don't think you're being told that you are kicked off but you will be if you don't stop this. I'm trying to be nice. I don't think you mean harm but this is not the way to do things here. That was a Private Message. You just made it public. I don't want to see what the mod had to say. I think you should apologize, ask a mod to delete that last post and move on. Just some friendly advice. I don't think the mod was in the wrong.

    ETA: I'm not a mod nor trying to act like one. I'm trying to help you out. Honestly. You seem like a nice gal. I hope this gets worked out for you and we can all just have fun!
  6. i honestly believe amanda was being nice and she wasn't telling you to leave:yes:

    but starting a thread on this isn't a good idea. Im sure you can PM the mod or you can contact megs/vlad.

    maybe you didn't understand her messgae 100% she was being nice

    since she sent you a PM this should really kept private
  7. I don't care. I have dignity. This is my last post here. She need to apologize to me because she called me idiot... take a look! :tdown:
  8. she didn't call you an idiot.

    because your learning english you might have interpreted the message incorrectly.

    trust me she was being nice

  9. i told her that i believe her to be intelligent, and that intelligent people can express their opinions without being rude. i told her if she wished to be rude in the future, she was more than welcome to leave. since she appears to wish to continue to be rude, i'll go ahead and ban her and make it easier for everyone.

    we have a lot of posters here who do not speak english as a first language, and they're all polite, respectful, classy individuals that contribute positively and don't cause drama, so i assure you it's not a result of that. calling people stupid is calling people stupid, in any language.
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