Was going to buy a new bag and my SA

  1. isn't there. Would you wait? :sad:
  2. Yes, absolutely.
  3. Is the bag hard to get? Are they absent for a day or on vacation? If it is vacation and you think the bag may not be available later, you may not want to wait.
  4. It isn't that hard and it's a classic that they have all the time. I just got excited and then my hopes were dashed and well... that always sucks when you're excited.
  5. Then I'd definately wait.
  6. The same thing happenned to me today. I wanted to make a Mothers Day purchase and my SA wasn't there. I decided to wait. I think it's the right thing...
  7. I have an SA in 3 boutique stores and now I have one at Saks who I simply adore... i'll definately wait for her because she goes all out for me...
  8. I would wait.
  9. I just want the Chanel bag straight away I could not wait!
  10. Wow. You guys are better than me. I'm not sure I would wait. I guess it depends on how dedicated my SA was to me, how much she went out of her way for me and if the bag would still be there when the SA got back.

    If the SA doesn't do back flips for me, I might not wait for her to get back.
  11. I'd wait, but that's becasue of the relationship I have w/ my SA.
    If I expect her to bend over backwards for me later to secure a HTF bag I really want, then it's worth it to me to take good care of her as well.
  12. I expect all the SAs to do that for me. :p Not that they do...

    My thinking is, if the SA has bent over backwards, in the past, I will wait to make a purchase. I will not be loyal until the SA has really proven herself.
  13. ^me too, that's why I only have one SA I buy from :biggrin:
  14. If it was something that I desperately wanted, I wouldn't wait but I have asked the "new" SA to split the credit with "my" SA. But if it's something that can wait a day or two, I'd ask for the bag to be held until the SA returns.
  15. If you are trying to build a relationship with your SA, i would wait, especially if the bag should not be too hard to find.