Was browsing neimanmarcus.com and found this..

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  1. $440 for books? Sheesh!!!
  2. Speaking of Neiman Marcus, I am absolutely NOWHERE near a place that sells Chanel. I have a Neiman Marcus account and was curious as to whether they do charge/send on Chanel handbags which I know are available in-store but not online?
  3. Yes NM.......charge/send on Chanel Bags.
  4. I have seen the set of books at NM. The box is quilted leather and it has a couple of books in it. Although I was intrigued over the books, when I saw the price (it wasn't on sale at the time) I put the beautiful books back on the table. Maybe they will wind up at Last Call!
    --Judy --> who has better ways to spend $$ at NM!
  5. The books look beautiful and I bet the photography is excellent....so, waiting for paperback - would be no good.:p hahaha.

    So, I will hope they mark the sale price down to a better sale price - yes, I agree those dollars could go toward a little something to hand off my shoulder and would be better spent.;)
  6. oooh! They're a limited edition and the slipcover, is NM exclusive; black quilted leather with silver-tone signature double C logo accent.

    I bought a giant Chanel book at Horchow Finale/Last Call a few weeks back for $81. :biggrin:
    I need to post a new thread, but today my Last Call had a bunch of popular Chanel shoes there! $300's range.
  7. Interesting.
  8. Oh I saw this book at the NM outlet in Arundel Mills the other day for around 70 dollars.
  9. Oh really? From $440 to $70? I'm guessing they didn't sell very well.
  10. Expensive for a book
  11. No longer exclusive to NM. I saw it at Saks last weekend.
  12. whoa! A few books for $440...!!! :nuts:
    I just can't justify that no matter what...
  13. They are sold out. DH happened to be Arundel Mills this afternoon when I read your post, I left him a voice message to please check out Last Call. The customer service people said the books were sold out, but led him to believe that they would be back. If you use your NM card at Last Call, they give an additional discount!
    --Judy --> a working wife with a stay-at-home husband!