Warning about Ebay seller and shipping

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  1. I bought a Rebecca Minkoff Morning After Mini Bag from VIP Fashions last week. It arrived on Friday very poorly packaged. The bag was squished into a USPS Priority Mail Box. It was flattened and shoved in there! In addition, it arrived UPS! So they used the free USPS materials and then used another carrier.

    Also, the bag was not protected in anyway. Meaning, it was not wrapped in any type of plastic or placed in the dustbag. It was just shoved straight into the box.

    I really expect more when I pay hundreds for a bag. Needless to say I'll leave feedback that reflects this!
  2. definately. that is just poor service....unbelievable!
  3. Please notify USPS about the illegal use of the shipping boxes by your seller.
  4. Thank you for posting this warning! It is important for potentional buyers to see this.
  5. Well, I have received many bags from Erica at HGbags (one of the most respected sellers of Balenciaga here) and they have all been sent in a Priority mail USPS box with nothing except maybe a piece of tissue. That is fine, all the bags have been fine. Of course Bals are kind of squishy so it doesn't matter. Was your bag actually damaged?
  6. Is there anything wrong with the bag?
  7. I think all merchandise should be properly packed whatever the value of it might be.
  8. how true that is.
  9. I guess some sellers don't think how they pack their items is as important as the item itself.
  10. I like it when my items arrive packaged nicely! I take the time to wrap my items up as well!
  11. That's one of my pet peeves as well. It really doesn't take a lot of effort to package something carefully no matter what the value of the item. I think it can make a world of difference to the buyer when they open the box and find their purchase is packaged neatly and carefully.
  12. I agree.
    I also collect teddy bears and one of my favorite sellers will put in a note saying how rough the journey has been for the teddy and I need to give him hugs and chocolate until he gets comfortable. Very cute and it adds that extra touch, you know?
  13. This may be fine for you but it sure isn't fine for most of us. Spending hundreds on a much wanted bag and then having the seller treat it so poorly is a big mistake. Bags should have tissue inside to retain their shape, they should be inside their sleeper if available, if not they should be wrapped in more tissue. they should ALWAYS be placed inside a poly bag for protection from moisture.

    Jeez, I'm amazed at the poor quality customer service some people settle for.
  14. I once received a pair of new Prada shoes I won on *bay with all of the postage and tape on the original shoe box! Uggg. USPS has free shoe boxes, so (?) makes no sense. I've also received nice shoes mailed in plain manila envelopes (no box, no tissue, nothing but shoes in envelope) several times. If the shoes are not damaged, then I usually just let it go (sometimes I'll let the seller know how they easily could have been damaged if it had rained that day, for example, hoping that they'll think next time they mail something out!)
  15. Yes in the case of HGBgas, she does use poly bags. As I said, B bags are squishy and they fit into a Priority Box. I have received some real doozies, like mentioned above -- a pair of shoes in a manila envelope with nothing but the shoes!!:nuts: