Warning about Debit/Check cards!

  1. I was not sure if I should post this, but I really want to warn others. To make a long story short, somehow someone got a picture of my husband's debit/check card :censor: (more on how this happens at end of post). The person then was able to go to a casino here in Calif. and withdraw $2,000 from the ATM in the casino, and then another $2,000 right after that. Then they went to a resturant and charged about $600. So, since this money comes directly out of our checking account, and then is covered by the overdraft account, the money was gone within hours. The bank finally closed the card noting that these were strange transactions. So, though we will eventually get the cash back, it has been a full week that this money has been gone.
    How they get your info according to the bank::rant:
    1. When you are at the ATM someone snaps a pic of you using card, gets your number/exp date and PIN. Then a phony card is made and used.
    2. When you use card at anyplace where they take the card away and bring it back (bar, resturant) they snap a pic with camera phone and can make phony card.
    3. They are also finding small lipstick cameras on ATM machines which record your transaction, get your PIN, and card number and exp date.

    Sorry so lengthy a post, but please protect yourself!!
  2. :shocked: Oh my god! Thank you for this- I'm one of those people who can't LIVE without her debit card. (I hate the idea of credit and try to refrain from using it as much as possible.) This is so scary.. and EXACTLY something my mother would use to demonstrate her point that the world is a scary scary place.. :biggrin:

    Thank goodness your husband will get his money back!
  3. shoot..I am sorry to hear about your ordeal. I always use my Debit card...have to be more careful..thanks for the thread..
  4. Sorry if I sound like a lecturing mom! I'm really not....I'm just mad, you know how many B-bags I am missing right now...
  5. Irishgal, thank you for sharing this. Scary scary experience :amazed: I do hope your husband gets the $$ back quick.
  6. Sorry for what you and your husband are going through and thanks for the warning. Geez. That is just terrible.
  7. This has been all over the news lately. The sad thing is there's nothing you can do to protect yourself (except not use plastic??).
  8. And make sure your bank covers you if you are a victim of fraud!!!

    Thanks for the warning! I hope your bank makes things right soon!!!!
  9. Debit Cards are usually capped at certain levels just for this reason.
    My Debit/Cash Card will only withdraw $500.00 a day.
    That includes purchases and the cash station.

    If I want to use if for something over the limits I have to call the bank and give them specifics. Who is debiting, when and for how much?

    D/C Cards are SO easy to use by crooks because at a register you tell them to ring it as a credit card and they don't need your PIN number...

    I would suggest that everyone call their bank and see what their limits are. If there is not one imposed, maybe have them do it...

    I am sorry about your hubbies money....that really stinks....
  10. That's HORRIBLE!! A few weeks ago, same thing happened here and it was all over the news. There was a small camera on the ATM that no one noticed and a lot of people got robbed. It's really sad :cry:

    I'm sorry about all of this, I hope you get your $ back asap and that the lousy thieves get caught. :mad:
  11. thank u for this warning.. really makes u paranoid at times just coz I myself had a victim of fraud.... but not to the extent as you had to go through.. i hope they catch the bad guys and be punished..
  12. I only have an ATM card, I rejected the debit card option for this very reason. And FYI if you have a small business or business account you're less protected in the case of fraud - you can read about it on the net, consumer accounts offer more protection.
  13. i had this exact same thing done to me. except it wasn't in such a large transaction like yours.

    i noticed that there was a $300 ATM withdrawal from Las Vegas. but on the statement i made another transaction in a completely different state 20 minutes later (i went to the store).

    i never lost my card, i didn't misplace my card, & i didn't lend out my card. it was with me the whole time so i was really confused.

    i called the bank. had to wait 10 days for a new card & then another 10 days for the money to be put back.

    about 4 days before me, my friend had 2 frauds commited on his ATM card. about $400 in purchases were made from MALAYSIA! now i only get money from inside the bank.
  14. I always feel uneasy using my debit card in public, hence I don't - only to deposit cash. I always feel that who knows if the bank will guarantee return that money to me..

    Hence, I use credit card for almost everything. Easier to keep track and less cumbersome then cash, and if anything happens I know i'm ok.
  15. Yikes!! I have BoFA which will replace your money within 24 hours. Hopefully, I'll never have to use that feature.
    But I'd pay good money to see a would-be-thief try to take out $1,000 from my debit card which usually only has $500. Hahahah!!