Warm handles, questions, advice.

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  1. Hello my lovelies,

    I have a Chocolate MAM that I bought from a seller who said the bag was never used.

    However, the handles came to me warm.

    The rest of the bag though is in perfect, pristine condition.

    Did Chocolate (2009) come with slightly warmed handles?

    And most importantly:

    Do warm handles need to be replaced (are they damaged?), or is it purely aesthetical?

    I want to love this bag for years and years so help me out :smile:

    First pic is the front, and the second is the back where you can notice more.

    Also one is warmer than the other.

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  2. I'm not sure about the 09 Chocolate, but I just bought an Old School Berry MAB that has never been carried, and the handles are darker than the rest of the bag. Since it's not the oils from carrying it, I'm guessing some bags are more prone to the handles darkening, even without use? Depending on how bad it bothers me ( Haven't gotten it yet), I'll probably send it off to Lovin My Bags. Supposedly they can restore them to the color of the rest of the bag.

    I don't think they are damaged, just darker than the rest of the bag.
  3. I have no clue, but I was wondering if the handles were treated with a product (in hopes to prevent warming)? Does that sometimes slightly darken them?
  4. I think some bags were made with darker handles, not sure which year or season. To prevent darkening you can use LMB's FHO from time to time. It really helps. Also if the darkening is due to oil then you might want to try the cornstarch method. PF'ers in the Bal forum has had great luck with it.
  5. ooooh what is this cornstarch method?
  6. cover your handles with cornstarch and blow dry (low setting)- cornstart is supposed to absorb oil- haven't tried it myself-
  7. ^I have tried it with no luck....on Balenciaga's!
  8. I have a brand new chocolate MAB and the handles were darker too.
  9. sinyard, do they look like mine?
  10. Some of the older bags had a gradient effect to the leather and thus had slightly darker handles when fresh out of the box. I believe the Berry was one of these. So for the older bags, this is the original color of the leather. I’m not sure if any of the newer bags came this way.

    LMB For Handles Only is supposed to help prevent future handle darkening, but do be careful. In some instances, applying this actually darkened the handles. As always, test a little bit out first before applying it to the whole thing.

    I’ve seen some bags with practically black handles, which I don’t like, but darker handles doesn’t necessarily bother me. It’s part of the aging process for leather and it adds some character to it. If they got too dark, I’d probably send them off to LMB to get restored, or I’d try out a home remedy.
  11. I have seen darker areas on chocolate bags as well. It must be the leather? If the handles were warmed, the darker area would be right on the top and underside.
  12. Question? Why is it called "warmed"
  13. Doesn't that just blow the corn starch all over? :huh:
  14. There's this amazing thread in the Hermes forum, http://forum.purseblog.com/hermes-reference-library/reference-vintage-bag-nightmares-leather-care-info-295160.html.

    Not much you can do to get rid of it the warming from what I've read, and if it's never been carried, I don't know how much Lovin' My Bags could do. But to prevent warming on handles of Birkins, Kellys, etc. the OP, who has restored many bags, Hermes or not, recommends a product called Obenauf's LP Heavy Duty. It will weather proof your bag and prevent mold and mildew and is to be used after you condition it. The OP has also recommended it for handles to prevent warming as well.

    I hope that helps.

    Once I get money, I'm going to try out the products she recommends. I mean, if they're good for Hermes, they should be good for RMs, right?
  15. :biggrin:I think you're going to have to rub in corn starch before blowing them over--