wardrobe for pregnant ....

  1. ill be attending 3 parties this weekend and im in a dilemna. Although Im just a few weeks pregnant, i feel like I've gained lots of lbs already...
    i cant decide what to wear to these parties. What do pregnant ladies weear to attend a formal wedding?
  2. You could wear a loose fitting non maternity dress. Something that has a little more space in the belly area. That way you could probably re-wear it after the baby and before you have lost all your baby weight. I found I needed a few different wardrobes during my pregnancy. First there is the -I just look bigger, but not pregnant- wardrobe. Then there is the -emerging belly- wardrobe where you need maternity clothes, but they still look too big for you. Then there is the small period where I fit perfectly in my maternity clothes. THEN I entered the -even my maternity clothes are tight- phase! Just buy a few loose fitting outfits for now.
  3. ^crjhht ~ Those Are The Exact Stages!!!

    jsp ~ Congratulations! I'm Not Sure How Fancy You Need To Go.....Possibly A Wrap Dress? It Can Always Be Dresssed Up & Down!!! :smile:

  4. LOL, yes, i agree... will keep that in mind.
  5. passerby, thanks... will post what i wore to this luncheon later, i forgot to take pic so we'll see. As for tom wedding-- my daughter is the flower girl and it's my brother in law's weeddinng so we are supposed to be dressed up, will post pic, too.
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