wapity users, I have a question!

  1. I have been thinking about a MC wapity in black for some times. I wonder what do you guys put in your wapity? Well, usually I have a makeup case, my zune, wallet, cles, cell phones, and somethimes my camera with me, so I really have no idea what should I put inside of a wapity if I am going to get one. So what is in your wapity? Thanks guys! :yes:
  2. I usually keep my credit cards, cash, and a cell phone. It doesn't really fit much more. It depends what you want to use it for. I can also use it as a camera case, but I can't fit anything else inside it. I take mine mainly to the gym to hold my ipod, phone, etc.
  3. I use it as a camera bag, but also as a bar bag to hold my ID, phone, and lipgloss
  4. I use it for my digital camera, and could also fit my cell phone and a few cards or cash if I needed to.
  5. I used to use it to hold all my CCs, some cash, and my cell. After I purchased my wallet, I now use it as a camera case.
  6. I usually use it for my camera... i have also used it for outings and putting my cell, debit card, dollar bills, lip gloss and keys.
  7. it is my camera case, but if i use it on a night out i can stuff in my cell phone (razr = skinny), debit card and $, lip gloss, and my keys. the little pocket is great for holding an extra media card for my camera too!:heart:
  8. Mine is a camera case when on holiday and day to day an emergency kit I keep a little pack of nail files, painkillers etc.
  9. I use the wapity when I have a buzy day and don't want to carry a handbag. It holds my cc, ID, cash and coins,phone and small lipgloss. It's a great useable piece of LV.
  10. Thanks everyone! Now I have a general idea, wapity should be a good choice for night out or gym. Maybe I could use it as a makeup case or is it too big for that because usually I only carry my compact, one lip balm, one lip gloss, and in F/W, maybe a small tube of hand cream. Anyway, I really like it. It's so hard when I am on a ban.
  11. I want one as a camera case! I will splurge eventually!
  12. I use mine as a camera bag.
  13. When the wapity is inside one of my LV bag then that is when I used it to hold my digital camera.

    When I take the wapity by itself as a wristle then that is when I used it to hold my Cell Phone, Cards, Cash, Lipgloss and Keys ..... and it still has a more room to spare.
  14. i have the white one, and i use it when i don't feel like carrying a whole big bag with me. it can hold my money, cards, lip gloss and keys/phone
  15. I usually use it during weekends as a weekend pouch. In it are my credit cards, cash , lipgloss, keys and my mobile phone :biggrin: