wapity or florentine pochette

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  1. howdy,

    i have some questions:

    has the wapity been discontined? what did it sell for? when was it discontinued?

    the florentine pochette, how is the inside? can it hold the ludlow, 4key cless and key and change holder plus a small cell phone?
    does anyone have pics of the back?

    which of the two would you choose and why?
  2. I like both I have the mono wapity use it for my camera or my blackberry and lipgloss on occasions, would have like to get the florentine but Eva's on my Hit List for a mono clutch instead!
  3. i'm not sure if the wapity is still available.... but out of the two i would definitely pick the wapity. my friend has the MC wapity, and it's the CUTEST thing ever. i love how you can wear it as a wristlet. it's awesome for quick errands, a clutch, etc. i wish i had bought it, but i'm afraid it's not available.... :[
  4. Have you consider the sonatine? It's been discontinued but maybe you might like it. ;)
  5. Of the two, I love the wapity. I believe it is not discontinued.
  6. Wapity.
  7. Pochette florentine is really small (but I think it fit the items you mentioned), you can attach it to the proper belt (which doesn't come together)..Personally I like it but it's too small, prefer pochette Milla or Eva!
    I like also MC wapity but I'm afraid it's too small, too.
    What about pochette accessoires?
  8. Wapity !! It's cute and can hold lots of things. You better get it fast, it's already discontinued !!
  9. wapity.. I saw a black MC the other day at South Coast Plaza in California so they are still out there
  10. Love the Wapity!
  11. I think none of the both will fit all of the things you want to put in it, Pochette or Eva will suit your needs better. Thw Wapity in MC is discontinued but I think the Mono is still available. I have a MC Wapity in black for my digicam.
  12. how much was the wapity?
  13. I bought mine on ebay, I think for about €200,- but I am not sure about it. Huh, was just on vuitton.com, seems that the mono wapity is also not available anymore...
  14. Wapity...I am thinking of getting myself! To go in my speedy...$315 and it is still on LV.com under wallet and others...they rearranged the website a bit. its cute and a wristlet and can be a key holder...sounds like many accessories all in one and the florentine is smaller...!
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    Another Wapity vote here... it's TOO cute!

    What are your thoughts on the Monogram Canvas Pochette Tikal or Damier Canvas Macao Clutch?



    I am a BIG fan of the Pochette Tikal... When I used to work at Coach, a customer walked in with one and I fell in love with it! It was the perfect size and held quite a bit of stuff!

    I used to have the Pochette Tikal, but had to let it go as it was a little too big and something I'm not used to carrying. :sad: