wapity or cles???

  1. I want one...well really both...but can only get one right now. Which one should I get?? I dont really need either one, just want one!!! LOL:smile:
  2. I'd get the cles. I think the wapity is really cute, but at the same time, I think another LV clutch would be more practical than this.
  3. Wapity. You can hold more stuff in it than the Cles. Cell phone, cc, money, lip balm, etc. It's really useful - I've had my mono Wapity for over a month and have been using it as a wallet.
  4. I use and abuse my cles like crazy ..well wapity is cute especially MC one.
  5. I love my cles'....but if I could only have wapity or cles, I would choose wapity.
  6. I would get the wapity as I think it is more useful than the cles - cute as they are.
  7. Wapity!!!
  8. I'm getting both..well I have the cles and I'm just waiting for my wapity to arrive...IMO..they serve different things. Obviously wapity can hold more like digi cam/cell phone, makeup stuff (lipgloss, compact etc.) and the usual items that a cles can hold (cash, cards, keys)...

    I plan to use my wapity to double up as my camera holder and for when I go out and feel lazy to bring a purse, I plan to use that as my "purse"...i use my cles when i don't want to bring my wallet with me cuz it's really handy.
  9. Depends on which cles...otherwise I'd go with a Wapity.

  10. oh yeah..good point rebecca! they don't all have the same capacity ( i found that out when I was looking for a cles)
  11. I love the wapity.
  12. I just went through the same thing but mine was the rabat or the wapity and I got both and took the rabat back. That wapity is too cool and fits so much!

    So I vote for the wapity!!
  13. I'd say for WAPITY, it's more useful and also it has strap that you can remove to use with other piece like pochette to be as a clutch.

    And go for White MC!!! It's adorable.:girlsigh:
  14. Wapity, it's so adorable and more practical than you think! ;)
  15. Wapity! So cute and you'll probably get so much more use out of it! Not that cles aren't useful, cles are fab too, but if it's down to either or, pick the wapity!