Wanting to sell but... you girls have terrified me!

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  1. I am new to purchasing designer bags and im a student so cant afford to buy hundreds of them. I have spotted a new one that i would love but this means selling my Balenciaga on eBay.

    Im so scared of selling there after all the horror stories on here so can i please have some advice as to what i should do to avoid problem buyers - any tips at all would be great as i have only ever sold cheap items.

    How many and what pictures do i include to assure the buyer the bag is genuine?
    What type of shipping do i need to ensure im fully covered by paypal if the file a not received claim?
    Is there any defence against a SNAD? For example will taking lots of pics for my own records before i send may a difference?

    I know im being paranoid and i might get a lovely buyer who is no bother - but when you read on here that buyers are coming back months later and demanding refunds etc i know i wont have the money to be able to do that so im panicing a bit!

    Thanks for any help and advice :smile:
  2. Take enough photos so that all angles are shown, including the inside, serial number, and hardware. If you have the tags and the receipt, take photos of those as well. Insure the bag and get delivery confirmation.

    As for protecting yourself against a SNAD, I'm not sure that can even be done now that ebay favours buyers. I've thought of recording the process of packaging an item if I ever decide to sell anything pricey on ebay again, but then maybe that's a bit dramatic. "It wasn't damaged, see, it's on tape!"

    Best of luck selling your Balenciaga!
  3. Thanks for your advice!

    Shipping wise is it best to go with a courier or post office?

    Also what is Paypals policy on putting hold on payments over a certain amount until you get positive feedback or something??
  4. The policy with Paypal holding money seems to be random.
  5. oh god this thread is so depressing!! why does feebay have to suck THIS MUCH?
  6. I will say that all of my buyers have been great, but, the questions these days and the offers are what are so crazy. You can sell with a BIN and use the "make an offer" function to try to get a better idea of who is making the offer based on their feedback. And, even email them before you accept an offer to make sure they have a PP account with a confirmed address to see how they respond. Selling with just a BIN is more expensive, however. Buyers do have all the power these days, but that doesn't mean that all buyers are bad or that all of your experiences will be bad. If you ship and the item is more than $250, you must include signature confirmation no matter what carrier you use (there is a lot of info on this board about this as well as on *bay). You should study the listings for bags like the one you want to sell to see what all is included in these listings.

    Only you can decide what your comfort level is with selling, but I think that for one bad experience, most will agree that they have had more good if they sell alot. Hope this helps.
  7. yea this whole forum has gotten me totally and completely freaked out about the purchase i made today on thebay. i cant say anything negative about the seller as i havent received my bag yet, but i swear im now thinking this whole thing is a hoax, im sooooper paranoid about all of it - and ive learned that the sellers can be just as paranoid. i never want to do it again. one second its ok to buy on thebay if its authenticated here, then the next second i read that to NEVER buy on thebay... im so freaking confused at this point, the only thing that will make me happy is if this bag is truly authentic and as far as the research ive done, ill really never know!!!! am i crazy? or do people REALLY find REAL Balenciaga bags on thebay or not?
  8. They certainly do, and I have as well as sold a few. The bags I have purchased have been from active tpfer's, and most of the ladies on this board know who is selling authentic. The ones who authenticate on here will not tell you that a bag is authentic if they are not sure as many have been collecting for years and know what to look for. You are certainly not crazy, LOL. It is a lot of money to pay for a handbag, and we have all felt the same way, I'm sure, while waiting to receive our bags. Keep us updated when you get it.
  9. thank you so much for replying to what i wrote. i feel somewhat better. the bag was authenticated here by at least 4 ladies - but i am still just a tad freaked out ... i think it is because there are SO many horror stories and "what to do on ebay" and "what not to do on ebay" and omg its just CRAZY!
    anyways, i will definitely post pictures of my new bag as soon as it gets here -
    why cant there be a thread with "good authentic sellers" on here? i am new to all this i know and i havent been able to search this entire forum for all the answers to my questions, but jeez!!! that would HELP! and then also this too: the "real good fakes" --- i really want to know more about these! i mean do they have the "right" cards and tags? are some high end fakes completely indistinguishable? if this is so, then i am beginning to think that i will NEVER know if my bag is real. poor poor me pitiful me!!!
    alls i can say is that i hope that everything goes right, and if it does, i will want to kiss my seller!!
  10. There is a link in the Balenciaga forum (shopping section) that lists reputable businesses. As far as *bay, the authentication thread is the best. Post the pictures again to be sure when you receive the bag if that will make you feel better. Having the cards is nice, but it is the bag itself that proves authenticity. The fakes do not have everything correct yet, so even the numbers inside help as well as the hardware (rivets, etc). I hope you get your bag soon and it is perfect!