Wanting Eggplant Balenciaga City

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  1. Hi, I`m desperate to find a Eggplant city medium from
    somewhere, anywhere...anybody has one to sell?
    I pay top dollars...$$$$email me...Swissflower:mad:
  2. Someone just bought one today. Not sure if you are likely to find another one. They are pretty hard to come by
  3. Oh gosh, you just missed Loganz eggplant city by a couple of hours!
  4. I know, but I`m not giving up, you know anyone? swissflower?
  5. I know, I missed it too, what a shame..swissflower:rant:
  6. huh?
  7. not sure varsha
  8. Swissflower.. transactions have been prohibited on the forums since the Marketplace was taken down. That includes asking to buy..
  9. Oh, I did not know that...sorry..
  10. ^^That's ok:smile: I know how hard it is when ya really want something, lol! Hope you'll find an Eggplant City.
  11. you should put up a WANT IT NOW post on eBay or something!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.