Wanted to Share "New" Goodies

  1. Just got a Leather Slim Flap (whiskey) and "new" Emilie Sandals in tobacco/denim. They don't really match, but who cares they are both beautiful.

    Shoes look great with jeans...the thing with eyes is "Stray"!
    dscn0574.jpg dscn0578.jpg dscn0580.jpg
  2. They're SO PRETTY! WOW I love those shoes!! Are they comfy? Do they stay on your feet? With my sandals I have to have some kind of strap for my ankle because those kinds of shoes just slide off. =P
  3. CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :love:
  4. Love 'em both...curse my darn wide width feet. I can't just go buy a cute pair of shoes like this! I hope you enjoy them!
  5. Gorgeous!! I love the slim flap!
  6. Love the bag and the shoes!!!
  7. congrats! love the shoes.
  8. Congrats on your new bag and shoes!!! They are to die
    for! Wear them in good health! :smile:
  9. Candypalmer, the shoes feel great on...I have not had the chance to wear them out, but around the house they feel great (a little padded feel on heel area).

    Thanks everyone.
  10. Gah! I have the same problem. I will walk right out of 'em.

    Those shoes too cute!
  11. Congrats. I love both. Enjoy. :smile:
  12. Man, that bag is gorgeous!! :drool: Cute shoes too!!
  13. So nice! Love that bag!
  14. Nice bag! I LOVE the shoes! :smile:
  15. Congrats. Love them both especially the shoes.