Wanted!! Need everyone's help!

  1. Attention all outlet shoppers!! I am DESPERATELY searching for the Gucci Grace Hobo in the navy monogram with red/blue/white webbing! I was under the impression that they weren't available in the U.S., but later heard they were on sale this past June. If anyone comes across one at a store, an outlet, eBay.... anything.... please let me know! I called customer service and they were sort of, kind of helpful...but not really. :tdown: So! Everyone keep their eyes peeled!!! :shocked: Thanks!!!!!!

    Here's a pic from the celebrity thread for reference:
  2. I will keep my eyes peeled but I haven't seen it so far.. :sad:
  3. good luck
  4. Good luck, Ill let you know as well. I love this bag too!!
  5. good luck.
  6. Going to the nj outlet sometime this weekend. I'll let you know if i see it.
  7. Thanks everyone! I have a feeling I'm too late, but you just never know.... maybe someone will see it at an outlet for like, $300 or something, and then it will have totally been worth the crazy hunt!
  8. I actually have one like that. Although, I bought it last February for almost $1200.
  9. The only place I could find it (pre-sale) was on the Gucci UK website. I don't remember how much it was, but I think it was in the $700-$800 range.... maybe a little more? I believe the NJ outlet has an all-white leather one, which I don't recall seeing online... maybe that one was more expensive?
  10. I believe this bag was like a limited edition. I saw this bag online and it says "item will be available in 2 weeks" that's why I decided to just get it in the store. It wasn't long after that before they permanently took it off from the website. I guess I was just lucky. It's really a nice bag and I get a lot of compliments from it. I think your best bet is to keep on eye on it on eBay if someone is crazy enough to sell it. But good luck!
  11. Hmm, I only ever saw it on UK's website, and couldn't order it here in the US, I hope it wasn't TOO much of a LE item, hopefully one will pop up eventually! I might keep calling Gucci's customer svc number and bug them, too. I'm determined to find one! :p
  12. Maybe you could try calling around to different gucci stores or the outlet. Good luck
  13. Started to get SO excited because one finally popped up on eBay, and.... SUPER FAKE. I was so P/O'd, I reported it. :yes:
  14. It was available at one point in the US... My BFF actually bought it! I had the option of buying it at the last salem in June...there was only like a few int he system though!
  15. That is a great bag - I hope you find it!