want to share my hapiness

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  1. #1 Apr 13, 2014
    Last edited: Apr 13, 2014
    Hi all , i really want to share my happiness . To be honest, i am not a fans of bright

    color, this is the first time i cant say No to the pink, because it just


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  2. I wouldn't be able to say no either :smile:, is this RL? Congrats.
  3. how stunning!!!!!!! i would not be able to say no either!!!!! :love::love::love:

    congrats and enjoy this beauty!
  4. Congrats, it's gorgeous!!
  5. thanks dear:kiss:
  6. yes , it is RL:yes:
  7. Thanks dear, i love your birkin too, is it soufre???
  8. yes it is, soufre epsom GHW B30, love her to pieces :hbeat: thank you!!
  9. Gorgeous!!!
  10. I was just guessing, now i am happy to say that we are twins:hugs::hugs:
  11. Who can say no to RL ghw? Congrat dear
  12. Wow! Holy cow! Did you just get this from the store?

  13. Congratulations on your Rose Lipstick
  14. beautiful! congrats!
  15. Beautiful!