Want to cook something special (and Italian!) for your partner tonight?

  1. Hi, I'd like to share with you my love for cooking...I think food is one of the focuses of a perfect romantic evening!!!
    So, if you like it, I can add some receipts here, and you can ask suggest to cook your Italian receipts!!!
  2. First Recepit
    Saffron and Porcini mushrooms Risotto

    You need (two persons)
    - Butter
    - Onion (best: Scalogno Onion)
    - Rice (for risotti quality ex: "Vialone")
    - Saffron (1 small bag)
    - Dry Porcini mushrooms (1 small bag)
    - Bouillion cubes
    - Parmesan

    Start preparing your Porcini as the label on the bag say (normally, you should put dry mushrooms in some warm water for 1/2 hour, then rinse them)

    Make the broth with water and 2 bouillon cubes (or, if you're lucky and have meat bouillon already done, use it!), you need almost 2 or 3 litres of broth.

    I a pot, melt 100 gr. of butter (low flame), and cut thin slices of onion (one rounded onion, or similar quantity) and put it with butter, until onion becomes golden.

    Take away from fire, and put rice on butter and onion: you'll need 3-4 handful for person

    The "tostatura" of rice is very important, because it makes the rice ready to absorb broth. You must take a wood cookware and mix and turn the rice for 1 minute (don't burn it).

    Then, take a steel dipper and put some broth in the pot with the rice. It will be absorbed at once. Continue cooking this way: take broth and put into rice, it must be creamy all the time, use the wood cookware not to make rice sticks to the pot. Flames must be medium.

    Add rinsed Porcini to the rice after 4-5 minutes (normally, rice takes more than a quarter of hour to be ready). Continue with the broth until the rice is ready.
    NOTE: THE RICE MUST be "AL DENTE" (unless you're cooking for a teethless person:lol:)

    Turn off flames, add saffron (don't cook it!) and parmesan,mix it all with wood cookware and serve!!!

    Hope you enjoy it!!!:nuts:
  3. ^ Delizioso!!!

    I'm going to try this :nuts:
  4. I love risotto! Yummy!
  5. It's lovely, expecially if it becomes creamy (with a lot of parmesan)!!!
    And...you can add little pieces of sausage to make it tastier!
    If you have any question, I'm here!
    Let me know!!!!
  6. Receipt #2
    REAL "SUGO" for pasta

    The only thing I really miss when I'm on holyday in other countries is pasta with sugo(pomodoro). So, if I'm in an house and not in an hotel, and I have to cook, it comes the time to prepare "pasta al sugo". Well...I go to the supermarket and...OMG!What did I see???
    PLEASE, DON'T BUY NO MORE THIS PRODUCT: tomato sauce, already with onion and whoknowswhatelse...NO!:tdown:
    It's REALLY SIMPLE to prepare a very good tomato sauce for your pasta!!!
    For who of you wants to try (obviously, compliments to those who already do like this;)), here it is the receipt for a basic tomato sauce.

    Take 4 spoons of extra virgin olive oil, cut a small onion into very thin slices and put it into the oil. With low flame, cook it until onion becomes golden.
    USE ONLY TOMATO PULP, without basil, onion garlic or what else: just pure tomato pulp, don't buy strange ready-to-zap sauces!!!:yucky:
    Add it to onion, and then fill the tomato pulp bin with water, and put it in the sauce. Mix, add some salt (as much as you prefere) and cook for 15 minutes,taste it until it is ready and...here it is!!!:okay:

    You can add, in order to change the taste:
    BASEL, 5 minutes before ending cooking, for a fresh pasta sauce
    PARSLEY, right when you finish cooking, for a sweeter sauce
    GARLIC, with the onion in the oil, goldening it too:indicated for ARRABBIATA and fishy sauces(add parsley when you use garlic!)
    OREGANO, if you prefere a deeper taste, ideal for sauces that can go with meat or vegetables
    and, obvioulsy, PARMESAN (or better, our PECORINO CHEESE, delightful!!!)

    Coming next...MELANZANE ALLA PARMIGIANA!!!:yahoo:
  7. i just asked a question about this.

    do you have a recipe with something that has Alfredo? also what is your choice of wine to be served with it?

  8. This cracked me up! My best friend used to buy this crap. I told her that she was wasting money for something that tasted like :throwup:. Best thing, homemade tomato sauce freezes SO WELL, so if someone says that they will waste it, tell them to freeze it for next time.

    Another thing I cannot STAND canned is soup. OMG, barfaroni! Again, soup is not difficult to make and tastes LEAPS AND BOUNDS better than from a can and again, it can be frozen - even cooked down like a condensed soup!

    Lovin' your cooking thread Vlad as I love to cook these things too. One of my FAVORITE dishes is Eggplant Lasagna - YUM!!! I make a HUGE, HUGE, HUGE pan of it and freeze it for later. Of course, it doesn't stay all nice and pretty when you rethaw, but the taste only improves!
  9. what is ready to zap sauces?

    teh ones that come in a bottle that need to be heated?

    I agree with berryblondeboys, I cannot stand canned soup! it tastes horrible!!

    Soup is super easy to make. They way I make soup however takes hours because I leave the temperature on low, but when its down its soo delicious!! and a great addition to supper.
  10. When I went to Miami, I took Alfredo Linguini, but I can't remember how they were...I ask this evening to my brother, and if he remembers, I can give the right receipt!
    For the wine, I'll ask to my father!!! Just few hours and you'll have it!!!
  11. You're completely right!:tup:
    Home made food is the best, and if you don't have much time to cook 'cause of the job, you can cook on Sundays and then freeze it all!!!
    For tomato sauce, when I freeze it I put it in the ice-shaping-maker (sorry, don't know the name), and so you can use it directly in the pan, and don't have to de-freeze it all!
    Eggplant Lasagna original receipt is coming soon!!!!
  12. Well, true, soup takes hours to prepare, but the actual amount of time spent on prep is negligible. Like, for a beef stock or veggie stock or chicken stock soup, it's chop and throw it in a pot and just keep an eye on it for 3-4 hours.
  13. ^^ exactly!! LOL
  14. Ok, IMPORTANT NOTICE: If you come to Italy, don't look for Fettuccine Alfredo. It's not a common kind of pasta here! It's famous around the world 'cause Mr. Alfredo was really good at promoting them...you can find them only in Rome, ad Alfredo's...in other cities you can ask for "Fettuccine with various cream sauce"...

    Now, the receipe is more less like this:

    100 grams/each person of egg pasta Fettuccine
    100 grams of butter (the best you can find)
    100 millilitres of fresh cream (not the one for sweets and cakes:lol:)
    A spice, "nutmeg"
    Parsley, if you like it

    Put butter in a pan, melt it, add cream and a small quantity of nutmeg and salt. When it is up to boil, take the flame off!
    Meanwhile, cook the pasta (remember to salt pasta in the water) and then gulp it and put it in the pan with your cream. Add parmesan and parsley, heat your pasta up, and there they are!:supacool:

    For the wine...I suggest a white and dry wine, as Pinot (white or grey)!

    I use this receipt when I cook pasta and salmon: I don't use parmesan, and instead cook in the cream sliced smoked salmon!!! You can call them FETTUCCINE ALLA PANNA E SALMONE
  15. OMG! I love Italian food! THANKS for all the recipes and if you have some more, please post them here.

    I'm going to print these recipes and try them out.....

    BTW, do you have any recommendations for ingredient substitution? I try not to cook with a lot of fat.