Want to buy a Stam....HELP>>.

  1. I have never owned a Marc Jacobs But the other day i saw a kelly green one and i have been obsessing ever since...I think its elastic ???/or some thing what does that mean and any thought on this or other stams i should go for please let me know....!:love:
  2. I may be mistaken, but I dont think MJ ever made a Stam in kelly green. The closest shade to kelly green would probably be the topaz (turquoise), but never a grass green. It may be a different MJ bag that you saw b/c stams do not have elastic either.
  3. Was it this bag? This is the Mina Elastic Qulited Bag in green. The picture is from Saks.
  4. Stam was indeed released in Green in the recent spring collection. Bluebeeonline.com had the small baby stam in Green, here is a pic. The fall collection has the elastic quilted bags in Teal.