Wanna know how to rack up a $1000 cell bill without using your phone?!?!?

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    AUGH!!:cursing: I am sooooooooooooooooooo stinkin mad!! I just received a PACKAGE from Tmobile with my phone bill and it's a total of $1,400!! Wanna know how to get a bill that high without ever using your phone?!?!? YOUR EX HUSBAND. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, he has a hit a new time low. The last month that we have been seperated have seem to be veeeery hard on him as I was sent 101 pages (front and back) of his text messages bill, all to one girl, HIS AFFAIR!!!

    Wanna know the reeeeeeeally funny part?? He has her as his number 1 contact on MyFav5 (spent more than 2,000 minutes talking to her this last month ON TOP of the 101 pages of text messages) and still TEXT MESSAGES her when he knows he doesnt have texting on his phone!!! Why cant he just TALK TO HER?!?!?:cursing: Oh and he text messages her NON STOP FROM WORK!!! I wish you guys could really see these pages. These show DAYS of them non stop texting....Now i'm without a phone, the phone bill is in my name and he has screwed me over once again. I know what you are goign to say. You should have taken the phone from him since the beginning. And I will admit, I was naive enough to believe him and his bullsh!it lies. No more. After this episode (and the fact that i am still driving with no license plates (except the new car ones)because he has not payed the down payment on my car and they wont release them to me!!) i have lost all guilt and sadness on his part. I call him, obviously ***** him out, and he still has the balls to say he doesnt have to listen to fuc%$&ng word I have to say and hung up on me!!!!

  2. Words fail me. :wtf:
  3. OMG socalgrl, that's awful!!!!:wtf: get off that/his plan ASAP!!!!! can you send the bill to him??

    good luck and {{{hugs}}}:heart:
  4. Oh, I am so sorry to hear that. Call t-mobile, hopefully they can help you out. I know Verizon will routinly let you add a feature (like texting) retro actively 1 billing cycle, has saved a few friends in the past with teenagers.
  5. OMG, socalgrl... my jaw is literally on the ground with this one. I've read a few of your other threads and he already sounds like an immature idiot (sorry if I offend).... but this just takes the cake. Save these bills for your divorce hearings. I'm sooooo sorry you have to keep going through this again and again with him.
  6. OMG that is insane..I'm so sorry Alma! :wtf:
  7. Oh my God girl. I feel for you. Cut him off NOW!
  8. Um...I don't know what to say. I'm in shock. I was getting infuriated just reading your post! Can't imagine how you feel. I'm so sorry you have to keep dealing with this jerk.
  9. Do you have a lawyer? You need one to handle this...!
  10. OMG! That is horrible!
  11. I'm so sorry to hear about that. Maybe T-Mobile can help you out if you explain the situation somewhat to them?
  12. OMG, He has hit a new all time low!! I would hit him where it hurts, his wallet!!!x
  13. ooh i would be soooo mad!!!! I am so sorry Socalgrl. I really hope you can sort this out and get him to pay for what he has used. What an arse.
  14. wow I'd be so :cursing: I wouldn't be able to type, I hope there is something you can do about this it's not right that you pay the bill, maybe you can get the network to block the number or something, don't get petty it'll look badly on you but don't take it lying down
  15. Aww sweetie....you need to call tmobile right now! I know this is his fault but he's an a$% and is not going to deal with it and this could ruin your credit rating. So call them NOW and try to get them to retroactive the plan and then pay the $200 and cancel it now!!
    In the alternative...you could say that it was stolen by your ex-husband and press charges against him! (Not sure what the exact situation is)!