Jun 15, 2009
I likey!!! So organized. I make it easy... I just do clear cosmetic case and a wallet for a pop. I think your way is the cheaper way which allows you to be more versatile. Where did you get those other accessories?

THANKS Gurlllllll
they all Coach accessories from either outlet or factory online sale
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Jun 15, 2009
Count me in the minority, GFs! :biggrin:

I love to have my wallets match or coordinate with my handbags!

I minimize the problem of moving all my "stuff" from one wallet to another by having mostly D&B Continental Clutch Wallets (CCWs). I know exactly where everything goes and move it in seconds.

I use an organizer (Chameleon) so don't have other accessory type bags in my handbag. I do use a clear cosmetic case to carry supplies with me in my work totes.

I use an orangizer - but it s from Conquer and Divide


Dec 3, 2012
I try to get the matching wallet for my purses but only when the wallet is discounted enough since most of the time you can get a bag (on sale) with the same $ as the wallet.

So whenever I find wallets I like on sale, if they go with anything I have or have potential for future bags, I get them.

Now, I get lazy sometimes and won't change wallets when I change the bag, which is kind of crazy having the matching wallet and not using it.


Jul 28, 2013
Washington, DC
I remember someone (sorry, forgot your name), saying they loved having their handbags with matching wallets. I like this idea, but wondered how you managed to purchase so many matching wallets.

Do the outlets carry the wallets? If so, what kind of markdown do all of you see?

I own one lonely black leather wallet. I finally decided to order the Tessuta Collection woven shopper I have been yacking about for the last month. The color I wanted was on back order and will be shipped in about one month. Expensive! Even with my trade-in-program credit, but I reminded myself that I once paid full price for an Alto bag. The matching zip around was in stock and will ship this week

The last thing I ordered was the Amazon Collection flap continential wallet. Again, am I cheap, but $295.00 for a wallet?:cool:

Oh, forgot, thanks to Hopi, ordered the calf converable shopper in Ivy. Such a good deal at $89.00. Could not pass it up. They only have royal blue, ivy and raspberry left in the system. The SA in Chicago said they clearanced them out back in March, so they don't have many colors left. Wanted a neutral in tan with darker trim or a black with brown trim, but at this late date, I feel lucky to have gotten one at all.
I, too like to match (at least one wallet per every few bags); but I started noticing I had a lot of wallets/wristlets so I sold a couple, haha. Would like a black/brown combo Dooney, or something on the neutral side. I'm with you on the price point thingie; I try not to spend over $100 on a wallet. The most important aspect is the durability factor, because I want it to last for years, even though I switch them.