1. What's your opinion on the Damier Azur Alexandra wallet, the French purse or a Vernis wallet?
  2. Vernis!
  3. How is the 'care' quality? Does anyone know when the new Vernis color will be out? I'm going to Louis on Jan. 2, so it'd be nice to have the latest color~
  4. I love the alexandra wallet.. Which color epi?
  5. I was thinkin the Vernis in...dunno yet? They're all so gorgeous, it's hard to decide
  6. vernis french purse in amarante
  7. I like all wallets... but looove the French purse the most... especially in MC!
  8. The french purse is one of my favorite LV wallets so I have it in mono, epi and vernis amarante. I got the alexandra in azur for christmas and although it's kind of thick, I still love it since it's different from all my other wallets ... but I'm going to exchange it for the white MC. As for vernis wallets, I like most of them, I esp. love the french purse, the zippy and the pochette. Have fun in the boutique and let us know which you decide on!
  9. Vernis! It will make you happy every time you spend more money ;)
  10. I think Vernis is gorgeous! My favorite wallet is the pochette model.
  11. I love the zippy wallet--it's big, but my friend has one and it makes me want one!
  12. i just bought epi zippy wallet in red. i am loving it; big, structure and subtle.
  13. I think Alexandra looks too fat.

    The french purse is gorgeous but I personally find it annoying that I have to fold my bills since you can't put them in as they are due to the size of the wallet.

    Vernis is gorgeous. I was deciding between this and the multicolore when I got my wallet. I ended up choosing multicolore though just because it is more colourful. But like someone said, I think Vernis looks better in pochette.
  14. I have the alexandra wallet in mono and the french purse in mini lin croisette red. I love both! The alexandra holds more cards and it's easier to get to the bills but I absolutely love the clasp on the french purse. I think both can get pretty thick. Go for the french purse in azur or venis.
  15. thanks everyone, i ended up getting the koala wallet in vernis pomme...however, i saw on eluxury that they have the porte tresor international wallet in pomme for $100 cheaper. should i return the koala and get the pti? this is my first wallet for my damier azur berkeley bag