Wallets, wallets and more wallets...

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  1. 1) How many LV wallets do you have?
    2) If you have multiple wallets, do you switch them out as often as you do bags?
    3) Do your wallets always match your bags?

    Photos are always welcome.

    My responses are as follows.
    1) One, I sometimes wonder if I'm just an odd duck and everyone else has multiple wallets.
    2) Nope, unless I dump the contents of my wallet into my bag.
    3) Never, I intentionally get a wallet that doesn't match any bag.

  2. 1. I have 7 wallets
    2. No. I switch wallets about every 3 months
    3. No. I switch to whatever is calling my name
  3. 3, zcw (favorite), Helene and Adele lg.
    I switch them to fit my purses, Adele for lg tote, Helene for small purses and zcw for Med purses.
    All my wallets are in mono, and I will mix and match patters
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  4. 1. I have 2 actual LV wallets (Vernis zippy and ZCP) and I use my Empriente cles as my everyday little wallet.
    2. I only put some things from my full size zippy into the zippy coin purse if I'm bringing a small bag. I don't have multiple wallets because I figure I won't really switch into them very often. I have only had the Vernis zippy for about a year though. There's still time to acquire more lol
    3. I don't care if my wallet matches the bag but I do care about the color of the wallet and the lining of the bag. They have to "go" (i.e. A red wallet in a bag with pink lining would drive me nuts)
  5. Your first two responses are the same as mine except for the 3rd one. At the time, I wanted to purchase a mono Zippy to match my Tivoli but they were all out of mono so I got the DE print.
  6. 1) Sadly I only own 1 LV wallet so far (Adele). But want to get more in the future
    2) I´d switch them depending on which bag I use (big or small)
    3) No, but if I had multiple wallets I´d try to match them :smile:
  7. 1) I have 3 LV wallets & 5 Chanel wallets...I like small wallets and substantial card cases. Some girls love jewelry and bags, I do too, but I'm a sucker for SLGs.

    2) I switch my wallets & my bags sporadically..no set length of time. However, if I think a certain bag would be better suited with another wallet for fit, I'll change out the wallet as I change purses but all my wallets are small so they fit in all my bags.

    3) My wallets do not ever match my bags. It's rare that it does. I like mixing prints. I don't do it on purpose but it always ends up that way. I also mix my Chanel with LV items.
  8. 1) 28.
    2) Yes.
    3) Yes. I'm weird like that.
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  9. 1. I have 5 LV wallets and 1 Chanel wallet.
    2. I switch my wallet every time I switch my bag and I determine the wallet based on the bag I am carrying (big vs. small)
    3. All my wallets are either red or have red on the inside, so most match my bag regardless what print/color my bag is; however, I have one monogram and one DE wallet with red lining and I mix these wallets with different bag prints.
  10. 1) 7 long wallet and 1 short wallet. All LV
    2) Not really, I travel alot hence each wallet carry a differeny currency and all I need to do is grab the coresponding wallet.
    3) Never, not a canvas person hence very hard to match bags with wallet.
  11. 1. I have 6 LV wallets/ 2 coin purses/ 4 card holders
    2. I switch my wallet/coin purse/card holder depending on the bag I will be carrying. I use a wallet for handbags, coin purse for crossbody bags and card holders for my small bags such as Favorite/Eva/Pochette.
    3. I do match my wallet with my handbag from time to time. I use a monogram wallet with a monogram handbag. I don't use any other wallet for my cherry Bastille in Empreinte except for the matching Clemence wallet😉
  12. I have three LV wallets. I used to have two and switch them out seasonally. One for spring/summer, the other for fall winter. I just purchased my third and will carry it until I feel like switching. I carry too much in my wallet to switch it out every time I switch my bag (which can be as often as weekly). My wallets do not match my bags. I buy what I love most...but I won't carry a wallet with a bag if it clashes. Does that make sense? For instance I won't carry my Pomme Vernis wallet with my Rose Litchi Vernis Alma.
  13. I have 4 LV wallets, I'd like to get 1 more and 1 Chanel wallet. I also use cles as wallets in small bags

    I switch wallets every few weeks, not every time I switch bags

    Sometimes they match, sometimes they don't, I try to coordinate for the most part

    -- 28? I fainted :faint:
  14. oooh 28, could you find time to photograph your wallet family.It would be such fun to see a group photo.:smile:
  15. 1) 3 ( Victorine /ZCW DE/Sarah OM DE)
    2) Have only 2 bags the Marylebone mm which carries my sarah and Favourite MM -usually i use ZCW.
    3) So far no colored pieces so no matching difficulties).