Wallet with chain - please help~


Feb 21, 2010
Auckland, New Zealand
I've been looking for the perfect wallet for some time... the last Gucci I had was a zip around leather with a tassle zipper. Bought MANY other wallets because I want better organisation, then finally got myself a LV Mahina clutch. It was great, has great organisation but then it got too bulky... now I'm using a LV Milla clutch as a wallet which I love the chain, but the lack of card slots is starting to annoy me.

Been searching and searching and saw Gucci has a wallet with chain that has quite alot of card slots. For those who has one, can you tell me if you love it? And can I put iphone4S in there (for short trips)? :smile:


Mar 15, 2011
i bought one over the summer but have since sold it off so i dont have any pics to share. i thought it was too small for me. it does fit an iphone and some cards but thats about it. i wanted to use it for special occasions but i couldnt fit a cellphone and camera + car keys so i got rid of it