Wallet suggestions?

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  1. I'm looking for a new long wallet that's cute. Not something too mature because I'm only 13, lol. I have a classic red Dior (picture below) wallet, but there's not enough credit card slots (only 3) and I prefer long wallets. I don't really care about price as long as it's under $600.

    BTW, what about this? eLUXURY - Dior - Cannage Continental Wallet Dior

    Thanks. =)
  2. Hello rlatpal ! :yes:

    this cannage is fantastic i especially love the colour ! :heart: but if u wanna go for less adult look get the gaucho wallet they are soooo beautiful and smart in a casual way, especially the long ones ... ( plus me, i think i would recommend gaucho to everyone everywhere at any time ... ;) )
  3. I'm all up for the cannage wallet too! It's one of my favourite wallets!

    If you want something totally cute and outrageous, go for the Dior Trotter Romantique fall wallets...they are too cute for words:
    Trotter Romantique wallet.jpg
  4. omg now i think i want that trotter romantique wallet myself ! :heart: :heart: :heart: :yes:
  5. :yes: i absolutely agree with both May's and nataliam's recommendations. to add to the visual fest, i've included some pictures. I also think that the cannage you found on eluxury is really cute (i've included the same one but in a different colour - taupe in the pictures)

    01. cannage long wallet in taupe
    02. lady dior cannage long wallet in pink
    03. lady dior wristlet in black with pink cannage quilting
    04. lady dior long wallet in pink (with charms)
    05. my dior long wallet in beige
    cannage taupe.jpg lady dior cannage pink.jpg lady dior perforated pinkblack.jpg lady dior pink.jpg my dior beige.jpg
  6. some other suggestions:

    01. gaucho long wallet in metallic silver (it's more bronze/brown IRL)
    02. dior rebelle long wallet in metallic silver (ditto about the colour)
    03. vintage traveller long wallet in brown
    04. trotter romantique long wallet in black (comes in brown and beige-pink too)
    05. trotter romantique wallet in beige-pink (it's more pink IRL)
    gaucho metallic silver.jpg rebelle metallic silver.jpg vintage traveller brown.jpg trotter romantique long black.jpg trotter romantique beigepink.jpg
  7. i know you're not looking for square wallets, but i reckon some of these lines might have the long wallet version (i just can't find the pictures of them).

    01. diorissimo square wallet in pink (comes in orange and fuschia too. there's an all black and all white version of the wallet too)
    02. dior saddle square wallet in black
    03. range of trotter romantique accessories

    i hope you find the perfect wallet! ;)
    diorissimo pink.jpg saddle black.jpg trotter romantique wallets.jpg
  8. Wow, the Trotter Romantique wallet is very cute! Does anyone know if there's a way to get it online? >_< It's going to be almost double the price if I get it in Korea. =(
  9. Zerodross has the perforated pink and black cannage wallet...it looks stunning! The color combination is very provocative, too! Here's the link:

  10. mmm i absolutely love this bag from this website ...never seen it b4 though, what is it called? :yes: thx!
  11. Does that site sell authentic items?
  12. ^ yup it does. although i think it's sells within japan.
  13. I think this is called the Dior Surf Chick flap bag! It is made of cotton canvas with rubber decorations!