Wallet suggestions? Want a change

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  1. #1 Mar 24, 2016
    Last edited: Mar 24, 2016
    I attempted to find a similar thread that is not too old - but couldn't, so please forgive me if this seems like a redundant thread!

    I usually use my 6 key holder to carry my most used cards (3 or 4 cards), but I have extra cards that I store in my Lilas empreinte zippy coin purse, which I don't carry much either way when I use my Chanel medium flaps because it doesn't fit along with my key holder and and cosmetic pouch PM.

    However (first world problem) I want a bit of a change and get a new wallet but this time I want one that has a zipped compartment for coins and a space for bank notes (unfolded), probably not a long one because they definitely won't be carried much more than this zcp.

    I'm thinking Compact curieuse wallet OR Josephine wallet (I like the look of the wallet and I want to use the separate removable pouch if I need just some cards), or maybe wait for the Victorine? Can someone please let me know if there are any other good options? I would consider clemence but I used to own a zippy wallet and I'm really sick of the zippy closure now after that one and the ZCP I currently have!

    Ps. My most carried bags recently are the ALMA pm and Givenchy mini Antigona so it'd be great if it fits in the Antigona.
  2. I have two Sarah wallets and they have been wonderful but I am also ready for a change. I plan to purchase the Compact Cruieuse so that gets my vote naturally! We can be twins!
  3. I love the look of Sarah wallet!! That would've been a first choice if I wanted a regular long continental wallet!

    Which colour would you like for compact curieuse? I only see three colour options online and it's disappointing because there are so many more pretty empreinte colours out there! :sad:
  4. I would love a blue or purple but since the colors are so limited I will get black or cherry. Most likely black since I have a Pomme Sarah already and I want a change from red.
  5. Me too! I wish they had more blue/purple colours! I am thinking black too as I'm not a fan of the orangey red (cherry) - argh why can't they have more colour options :sad:
  6. What about the compact Pallas?

  7. I have the Compact Curieuse and I think it's a great wallet. It does have the zipped compartment for coins. I saw the Victorine yesterday and I don't recall a zipped compartment on the back of the wallet (I could be wrong). It's a really small wallet and great for bags like Eva, Favorite, etc. I totally understand how you're sick with the zipped closure! I recently got a Clemence and as much as I love it, the zipped closure annoys me sometimes too; especially when I have my hands full (with my 18m girl) and I struggle to unzip the wallet to take the card out to pay!! Clemence is a great wallet, but I don't know if it's a convenient wallet for moms like me (sigh).
  8. I don't know how that looks, can't seem to find it on the website? :smile:
  9. #9 Mar 25, 2016
    Last edited: Mar 25, 2016
    YES, the compact curieuse does seem perfect for my needs!
    About the Victorine, I thought the zipped part is for coins? I could be wrong too! I only saw pics.

    Yeah! I like the clemence look and how it's slim in height but I'm just so bored of zipped wallets now unfortunately :P

    I'm definitely going to drop by soon to look at the compact curieuse! Hope they have it at the local store hehe:smile:
  10. I can't recommend the Josephine as mine began to crack in four separate locations in less than 5 months after purchase...this seems to be an issue with the trifold style of wallets since they bend and flex so much.
    Wallets like the compact Zippy and compact Sarah are good options and the designs are solid in that they show wear and tear more slowly as there are fewer flex points and even then the range of motion is more limited.
  11. How about the Adele?
  12. Oh no that's bad news :sad: I'm really interested in the compact curieuse but that's a trifold one!
    I thought about compact Sarah but the interior is pretty much like my ZCP, still have to fold the notes!

    Thank you for the tips though!:smile::smile:
  13. I've looked at that - didn't quite like the aesthetic of that one! But thank you for the suggestion :biggrin:
  14. The empriente and vernis versions of the CC shouldn't have any issues since leather is, by its very nature, designed to flex as opposed to canvas which isn't as merciful when it comes to that type of stress. Sorry about that, I should have clarified that a tad better in my first post:shame:
  15. Oh that's great! Because my first and foremost preference is a new empreinte wallet hehe, since I'm selling my empreinte ZCP I will want to replace with an empreinte piece:biggrin: not bad news after all!