Wallet on chain question

  1. hey~

    I'm sort of new to Chanel. I only own one hehe
    and I'm FINALLY able to buy my second one:yahoo:
    and I'm very interested in buying a wallet on chain.
    I noticed that there were two types. One WITH the CC closure and one WITHOUT the CC closure. Now I'm interested in the one WITH the CC closure
    and I was wondering what types of leather were available for the one with the cc closure.

  2. I don't know what else it comes in but mine, purchased about a month ago, is quilted black lambskin with silver CC closure. I love this piece more than any bag I own at the moment. I can shoot a photo and post it if you'd like.
  3. [​IMG]

    Here's a picture of mine. It's a textured metallic black lambskin. :yes: I highly recommend getting it!!! I know the metallic one I have also came in metallic gold and light silver as well.

    I know there is a regular, matte (can't remember if it was lambskin or calfskin) version. Honestly, I didn't like it.

    The other wallet on chain is the "reissue" wallet on chain with the rectangular closure. The metallic leather on these isn't textured the way mine is, and it's the same type of metallic leather used on the metallic reissues. :yes:

  4. missisa! omg your wallet is absolutely GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!

    and stacey
    i would LOVE it if you could post pics~~ hehe
  5. Here ya go. Front, back and inside. I've got the zipped pocket filled with stuff and the wallet holds more than I had predicted when I purchased it. As Martha says, that's a good thing :yes:


  6. What is the retail on these? They are cute!
  7. I have the same bag as missisa and would also highly recommend it. The leather is textured so that it is extremely durable and hardy. I am terrible to my bags (throw them on the floor of the car, leave them tossed with my shoes, etc.) and this bag still looks like new after 6 months of use! :tup:
  8. IIRC, mine was $1450. I've got the price tag somewhere in our bedroom and I'll update this price if I'm incorrect (it was definitely between $1400 and $1500, either way).
  9. eek hahaha
    i actually just went and bought the lambskin wallet on chain
    mostly because i didnt want to wait for the metallic black in the mail (ordering from the Neiman Marcus catalog thanks to missisa)
    but now im wondering if i should just return the lambskin and get the metallic black!!!
    i dont know!!!!!!!!
  10. This is a lovely bag and I keep looking at it in chanel.... but for the people who own one - when and where do you use it? Is it everyday use or just for evenings? Can you fit a mobile phone and car keys in the bag? do you sometimes wear this messenger style as a wallet and then use another bag if you need to carry about other things - eg umbrella, gloves?
  11. hi neena~
    this bag is SO gorgeous and i absolutely love it (although.. im still not sure if i should keep the lambskin or exchange for the metallic black which was from a few seasons back)
    so far i've used it when i went out with my friends for a day of shopping and also for a fancy evening out with the bf
    it can actually fit a lottttt of stuff. i fit my mobile phone, a coin purse, keys, and a small compact. which is good enough for me since i dont usually carry much stuff around anyway
    i usually wear this messenger style
    but it can be held as a shoulder back because you can shorten the length of the chain
    hope that helped~
  12. Your bag sounds perfect. Am so suprised it can fit all of that!! Can you post pics?

    If you decided to get the metallic version, do they still sell that?

    Btw, if its not too rude, how much did your purse cost? Is the metallic version the same price?

    I have also seen a matte caviar version with two large CCs on the front (is that the cambon version?) Is that the same price as yours?

    Whatever you decide to do - enjoy your bag!
  13. Last I checked, they still have the version I got on Neiman Marcus. Mine was $1,325 from Neiman Marcus. They shipped it 2 day or 3 day to Hawaii free of charge hehe. I ordered it online through their catalog quick order. It took about 3 days just to process the order though.

    I adore the lambskin version that stacyef posted. That wasn't the one I was talking about that was "matte" and that I "didn't like". The one I was talking about had a huge CC logo on the front. It was really weird looking IMO.

    I personally got the metallic one because I love how it sparkles and also it seems quite durable. Mine still looks brand new. I get compliments on it everytime I bring it to Chanel and Chanel Fine Jewelry (because my local Chanels never ordered that particular piece).

    Whichever you decide, you can't go wrong. :tup:
  14. the lambskin version was either 1450 or 1495 USD
  15. I adore the lambskin version that stacyef posted. That wasn't the one I was talking about that was "matte" and that I "didn't like". The one I was talking about had a huge CC logo on the front. It was really weird looking IMO.

    Ah. I think that's the one I just happened to see for the first time today. It's sort of in between a Cambon-like style and a caviar. Except it doesn't have the sheen and luster of the caviar and it isn't quilted. I agree. I didn't like it.

    I don't think that anyone mentioned that the wallet on a chain has another feature that I love. The zipper on the flap opens and unlike the actual classic bags, the zipped compartment goes down to the BASE of the bag/wallet rather than upwards to the edge of the flap so it's a very deep, large pocket. I stick a bunch of cash in there and it's absolutely impossible for money to fall out because it would need to work its way up the bag, over the bend in the flap and then to the zipper. Not gonna happen. It's also a good place for me to stick precious things (like expensive earrings when I get my hair cut or my rings if I need to take them off, for example) without worrying that they may somehow get lost. As long as I put something there, the only way to lose it is to lose the bag.

    And while at the Chanel at Tyson's today, I was a very bad girl. I spontaneously decided last night that I wanted (no, that I NEEDED :lol: ha ha ha!) a jumbo black patent flap and there are, apparently, 5 left in the country. One should (hopefully) be arriving by FedEx sometime within the next week! I'm crossing my fingers that the Chicago boutique my SA ordered it from doesn't hold out on me. I know I've got a Chanel problem when $2395 for a bag seems like a BARGAIN that I just can't pass up. And doh! I wish I had thought of this earlier. Even though Tyson's isn't far from me, since I live in Maryland, Tyson's is in Virginia and there's no Chanel boutique in Maryland, I don't have to pay sales tax on it if it's shipped to me. Wish I had thought about that with my previous Chanel purchases (which were in stock and bought on site). I told the SA I'd pick the bag up but she told me that I'd save the 5% sales tax and since the FedEx shipping will be free, I'd be much better off having it sent to me at home instead. Oh, yeah! An even bigger bargain :tup:. Actually, I think the real reason that this will save me money is that if I go to pick the bag up a the store, I'll just see something else I want and spend even more money! I really need to just stay out of there, at least until the new spring/summer stuff gets in.