Wallet: LV Diamer or Chanel...help me decide


which brand to pick

  1. LV Diamier

  2. Chanel cc

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  1. I want to pick out wallet....but cannot decide to get LV in Diamer or Chanel.... Anyone here own Chanel wallet, please share your opinion and style. I want to style that fit my credit cards and register book. and style state a bit "slim"
  2. i love both chanel and LV.. both are so classic and great! but i personally have a damier azur wallet, (it's the really popular style i think) but i love it and it works really well for me! just putting in my 2 cents :smile:
  3. I love the LV Damier print. I've had a LV wallet for the past four years and I love it.
  4. i think the lv will last you longer too. i agree with everyone else :smile:
  5. Well, it depends on if you want it to match a particular bag...

    I'd go with Damier, but if you have a Chanel bag, go with Chanel!
  6. I'd go with the LV - extremely durable! :tup:
  7. it depends what bag you're going to wear it with
  8. I do own several Chanel, LV, Ferragamo, MJ. Furla. There, I don't need to match with my bag, but I do want something that last a long time.

    Ladies ! thanks for your opinions.
  9. I used to sell both Chanel and LV, and if you want longevity, go for the LV. The type of leather Chanel typically uses isn't the most durable unless you're prone to babying your wallets/bags. I've carried an LV wallet for most of the 17 1/2 years I've owned it (Monogram), and it's only now starting to show any real wear.
  10. I don't tend to spend too much on wallets, so I'm probably not the best guide, but I would go with the LV damier. I think it will hold up to abuse a lot better and last a very long time. At least with me, my wallet tends to get a lot of abuse! I would be worried about having to baby the Chanel more.