Wall Street Scarf... quality issue?

  1. Hi All
    I visited Wall Street yesterday and of course I had to get the scarf...
    Upon closer inspection I realized that this scarf is not of the same quality as my others. The fabric is the same, but the hems are very sloppy and there is even a pull or 2 in the silk. Even DH commented "it sure looks like they were in a rush to get those out"....
    Needless to say, it's going back. But I wanted to ask if any of you had experienced the same thing. Have you purchased a Wall Street scarf to find that it wasn't up to par?
  2. No, never.

    The Wall Street staff is AMAZING and their inventory is the exact same as any other Hermes boutique. If you got a less than perfect scarf all you have to do is bring it back and they will graciously give you a new one. They're terrific!
  3. I'm going to get one from there in a few weeks since the Madison store doesn't have any.
  4. Sorry to here that your scarf wasnt perfect but I'm glad they still some left. I will be visiting NYC later this month so I'm glad :smile:
  5. Yes, I couldn't agree more! The staff was quite nice and the service what you would expect. I will try to exchange it for one of better quality...
    I just wondered if perhaps there may have been a rush in the production of this particular commemorative scarf that might account for the slip in quality, and I was curious if anybody else had encountered this, or if my scarf was an anomaly.
  6. It might be due to customer handling...sometimes they only have 1 in stock and it goes through other customer's hands before yours, thus pulls may result from their jewelry snags and such
  7. coldplay- i was at madison yesterday and they had the both the blue and the orange colorways....
  8. I saw the Wall Street scarf at WS two days ago, and the quality was impeccable. I am sure they will help you with this- that is too bad, but like others said, could be due to customer handling.
  9. Mine is perfect, I agree the one you purchased had probably been handled and snagged by someone's jewelry.
  10. Is the black scarf still available in the Wall Street store? Or anywhere else nationally? Sigh. I should have gotten in when I was in NYC in Sept. I won't be back until just before Christmas.