waitlists: how accurate?

  1. I know that there are variations between stores, cities and even countries, but I just put my name on a waitlist for the Azur Speedy 30 and the SA said 3-4 weeks. In your experiences, how accurate were the waitlists? Please share!
  2. In my experience, they are not accurate at all!! After the new pomme vernis color came out, I went into the store to put myself on the waitlist for the Roxbury Drive. The SA took down my name and information and said they'd call me as soon as they got one in. That was two months ago, no phone call. The other day, I went in to check out some purses, and I saw one on the display!! Nice customer service, Louis!! :rolleyes:
  3. :wtf: aa! i hope that doesnt happen to me! I gave them my name & Details for the Miroir lockit they said there is no official waitlist bin made yet but when there was she would put me on it!
    I would be gutted if the miroir lockit came out and they didnt call cause they forgot to add me or lost my information.
  4. Waitlist is not Accurate at all.

    I put myself on the wait list for the LVoe canvas bag when i first read about it here on the board. about 1 month before it came out i pur my finaces name on the list. He got a call about it 2 times. while i got no call.

    I also put my name on the list for the heart Vernis and Multicolor when i heard about it here also on the board. i put my name at 2 stores with No calls whatsoever. When i stoped at LV a few weeks later they came out i saw the multicolor one on display. Boy was i upset.
  5. If you have a great SA who follows up on the waitlist, then it can be great.
  6. Waitlists aren't accurate! Dates get pushed out all the time and even if you're first, VIC's get first dibs.
  7. Here it seems to also depend on how much you spend at the store and how important you are to the store.
    You can be first on the waitlist for months but it doesn't mean anything if a VIP wants the same item.:sad:
  8. At my boutique they are not accurate at all.
  9. When I went to get my azur speedy my friend asked about the ursula and put her name down for it. The SA did say that they were updating their system that week so he had to write it down for the time being. Anyway she phoned them up I think about 2wks later to check where she was on the waiting list to find out shes not on the list :wtf: So she put her name down for both the black and white ursula. She decided to give them a call last week and guess what's in store! Luckily when we went on Tues (1st may) they had one left! And would you believe it but it was the exact one she wanted with the correct colour combo :yahoo:
    The SA was very apologetic as after having her name down twice she didnt get one call!

    So I dont think waitlists are accurate, which is scary as we have both put are names down for a sophie :p
  10. I just purchased the azur speedy 30 today from Beverly Hills LV. The SA said they had 3 instock...that was earlier today.
  11. I put my name down for a Kirsten and waited in agony for my SA to call, I was third on the list and never got the call. So I took it upon myself to work the waitlist in other stores, I found a Kirsten and boy was my SA surprised when I came in! I agree they just are not accurate, and for a variety of reasons including those already listed, gliches in the system, flaky SAs and of course VIPs
  12. That's my understanding too...For the Miroir Lockit, I was told that there was no waiting list yet so I was the first...then later I found out that there was already someone on the waiting list ages ago! :push: And get this, I rang two days ago to waitlist for the LVOE bandeau, popped into the store last night (unplanned) and they had TWO in stock for the event today! :cursing:
  13. Oh man... makes me want to just tell my mom to get one for me in LA, but I would love to see it myself IRL before I give up $700 for it. I guess I will just have to wait and pop by the store periodically.
  14. So...what you're saying is that I better send some flowers and cash to my SA if I really want that miroir lockit ;)
  15. Never accurate, it all depends on ur relationship w/SA and ur luck! I was able to snatch up 3 Mirior pieces w/o waitlist from the first shipment, just walk in and buy, same thing w/Olympe, Auzr Speedy....it all varies. Good Luck! :flowers: