waiting time for LV onine order request

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  1. Hi, does anyone have similar experience? I did a request order through phone for Pallas in black before price increase. I was told the waiting time is about 2 weeks. now 2 weeks almost passed, i havent heard anything back yet?

    Does anyone did order request through hpne and how long did it take in your case? Would they call me before shipping the item or I might get up with a surprise one day to see my bag arrives in my door? anyone
  2. I have a few times. Normally I get the item in the time frame I'm quoted. They do call and leave me a message that the item is ready to be shipped out. Then I get the email confirmation. They do a pretty good job. I'm not the type that gets antsy and calls them to check on the status.
  3. I was wondering about this, too, as I'm thinking about doing a phone request, but only have a little more than 2 weeks before I need it. Thinking I should just take the time out to drive the few hours to the store that has the item I want.
  4. I was on the phone with LV CS discussing this today. I was told if it is a readily available item only about 5 days, if it is limited stock than anywhere from 10-14 days. I was assured they call before shipping. Did you get the name and ext. of the SA who helped you? If you did, I would probably give them a quick call to check on the progress.

  5. Yes. i did write down the name and ext of the SA i called.

    I will wait two more days to soak a bit and then call them

    It is indeed a limited stock at the time i called
  6. They will more than likely contact you in the next day or so to update you. I've an order placed weeks ago which they called about today to let me know they've not forgotten about me but it will be a little bit longer to wait, which I already knew but was nice of them to call.
  7. Update: I got an order confirmation email from LV today for request order , but no phone call yet..
  8. When I was trying to find a celeste artsy they talked me into doing this. Said they would get it at customer service from a store and check it over to make sure it was perfect before sending it out to me. I didn't really want to do it that way. I have always had them put me in contact with a store that had what I wanted and do a direct charge send to me. Well, 2 weeks went by and I heard nothing. I called back and the lady I talked to said she could see where they wrote up the request but that it was never filed. She put me in contact with one of the last stores that had an artsy in celeste and I had it charge sent like usual. If there is existing stock in the stores I would have them put you in contact with one and just charge send it. If there is no existing stock then I guess you are just stuck waiting. Good luck!!

  9. Thanks a lot for sharing experience.

    Lucky you got it from other store.

    When i called i was told it was limited quantity and not redirected to local store. guess because limited quantity?

    Anyway, i got item shipped email today but still no call..

    Cant wait to see my bag
  10. I would call and have them put the bag on reserve for you and go get it. Then there's no waiting around for FedEx or 866 and you'll get to check it out for yourself prior to purchase to make sure its perfect! :yes:
  11. I ended up just having my closest store order it for me from another store. I had already done way too much driving for this thing and didn't feel like doing anymore. haha. Hopefully I get word soon that it's shipped soon. I want it now! :smile:
  12. Great! Hope you get it soon! :smile: