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  1. Hey :smile:

    Id like to know how long does one have to wait for a birkin? Is there anyway that I can get one faster or do they have any available at the boutiques if I just walk in and ask?

  2. Hi! The reference section at the top has a lot of info that will help you on your Birkin hunt. Sometimes you can get lucky and see one in a boutique. The best way to go is to find an SA that you click with and build a relationship with your closest store. :flowers:
  3. I think half my collection was built from pure luck (I just walked in to the store and saw the bag I liked). I just got my havane Birkin on Monday, and that was on a random visit, when I intended to buy something from a nearby store!

    I hear that this time of year has plentiful shipments, so I suggest you check frequently at your local store.

    Good luck! You'll be surprised sometimes.