Waiting is killing me

  1. It's all I can do to keep from going to Chanel right now and buying the distressed caviar hybrid flap everyone is getting. Seriously.

    I received a $200 gift card incentive to come in and buy something at Chanel, and after telling a few girlfriends about it we decided we're going to go in together and then go out and get martinis. The thing is... we made plans for two weeks from now. It's the only time that they will be available, and I def. want to go out and have fun but I'm soooo obsessed with that bag. I just keep looking at all the pictures of it on tPF and it's TORTURE.


    I've been on a ban since June. I'm sure you girls can understand my situation.
  2. Totally understand... I've been wanting an LV or a Chanel for three years (so, since I was 12, 13?) and since I found out I'm going to get the money in a couple of weeks I got hooked on tPF, and I can't wait to get my first designer purse. I'm obsessed.
    At school I doodle my damn wishlist in the margin line of my notebooks and I've been doodling the LV monogram on everything. And when I'm at home and done with my homework the first thing I do is put on my laptop and go on tPF.
    Told you I was addicted and totally obsessed...

    Anyways, I can totally sympathyze! I'm going crazy over here!
  3. ;) You might appreciate this then: my friend Mia made cupcakes with the little LV logo on them in frosting. It was awesome.
  4. what color do you want ??
  5. Ari, I was thinking of the black. The distressed look gives it a dark grey feel, which fits in well with my fall wardrobe.
  6. Purly, what size are you getting? Do you have it on hold? Just make sure it's going to be there in two weeks!
  7. Purly I understand your pain. I'm waiting for the blue lady braid and it's torture. The bad thing is I'm tapped out after this purchase so unless I hit the Lotto a new bag is not in my near future. My collection is at the point of being IN LOVE so I wont have anything left to sell. The shoes in your avatar are GORGEOUS!!!
  8. Aww, poor dear. We all go through it, I tell you...
  9. I was going to order the medium. Why, are they selling out? Will they hold a bag for that long? :confused1:
  10. I'm not sure if that one specifically is selling out. I'd just hate for you to be disappointed to find out the exact size/style is not there when you finally go. It has happened to me in the past. I've learned to call ahead and if need be, have the SA hold it with a credit card.
  11. I'll do it when it gets closer to when I'm going to pick it up. If nothing else, I still have a gift. cert to use so I'll buy something else.
  12. Oh my gosh, that's so cute! And you know what - you just gave me the greatest idea! In two weeks it'll be my birthday and it's some kind of tradition in our clique that you treat the others. I didn't know anything stylish or cute but this is a great idea!
  13. :yes: You can do little CC logos too. yummmm! Please post pictures if you end up doing it!

    I've been thinking about trying out doing the logo in sprinkles ontop of frosting. That might be easier for some people than drawing a logo in frosting.
  14. You should go now! I know I won't be able to take the torture lol.
  15. You should go get it now and then wear it in 2 weeks when you guys go out and have fun!!!