Waiting for package from USPS...stuck in NYC????

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  1. I am waiting for a package to arrive from a remote part of Poland. The seller shipped using Polands shipping equivalent of USPS. The package shows it arrived in NYC with no further updates. It arrived in NYC 6 days ago. Should I be worried? Could this be a sign that something happened in custs?
  2. Did something happen in customs? I know USPS isn't known for their service or their updates of tracking status but 6 days is a long time to go with no update. What should I do?
  3. You should call USPS 1-800# with your tracking number. Because USPS doesn't do a good job sometime which has mis-sent package to else where.
  4. I have had items stuck in Customs for up to two weeks- all have arrived with expected contents. Once there was some extra stuff in a package,though-lolz.

  5. Try calling directly to see if you can get the status of the package...
  6. I sent a package to the US on the 26th September and it reached Kennedy Airport NY on the 27th.......no further update. :shrugs:
  7. I called USPS and the CSR was worthless !!! I figured I would give it a few more days when the package arrived this evening!!! Woohoo!!!!
  8. Yippee!!!
  9. I have just read this on the Royal Mail Website which would explain the delay on my package going thru...

    Start date: 5th October 2012
    End date: TBC
    USPS have just informed us that they have up to 3 days backlog of traffic at JFK. This has been a result of changes imposed by US Customs & Border control relating to a requirement to route all import traffic through the USPS radiation scanner which is the entry point from airside into the USPS airmail unit. USPS have deployed people to assist with the plans to clear the backlog.
    Normal service is expected to resume within a week.