wait until end of sale to make lower offer on BO item?

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  1. There's an item I'm watching on Ebay. It's a BIN or BO. The BIN price is higher than I am willing to pay. The price I'm willing to pay is fair based on similar items that have sold on Ebay but substantially lower than the BIN price.

    Would you wait until the sale ends and if it doesn't sell, send a message offering to buy at the lower price?

    Or wait until the sale is almost over and submit your offer?

    Or just submit it now?

    There are three days left. She has no offers and 2 watchers.

    I don't want to insult the seller but you never know. She may have bought this for a price similar to what I want to pay and be looking to make money on it. The item is being sold as NWOT and she doesn't know the correct color name so who knows how or when she got it.

    thanks for any advice
  2. I'd make the offer now.
  3. I don't see a harm in making the offer. If the seller wants, s/he can counter. At the end of the day, if the seller wants to hold out to see if s/he gets any bidders or other BINers, that's up to them. There's no reason why you can't make your offer now.
  4. so I guess if I made an offer and she countered at a price that was too high for me I have three chances to try again?
    or she could possibly come back at the end and ask me if I still want it?
  5. I think you can make 3 offers in total so if you made an offer and she countered then you would have 2 more attempts. *I think*
  6. that sounds right
  7. ???? If she counters at a price that's too high for you, chances are if you keep trying to make offers, she'll end up blocking you. I assume her counter-offer is the price she'd be willing to sell for. If she'd want to go lower, her counter would be lower.

    Make your best offer the first time and know that you tried your best. if she declines it, it's too expensive for you and she's not willing to sell for that price.
  8. I'd probably wait a bit longer - maybe 24 hours before the listing ends. It would seem to me that if she hasn't had any other offers by then she may be more receptive to your offer.

    And some people do love the thrill of the haggle so I would not assume that her counter offer is her final offer.
  9. Count me as one of the sellers who will block after the second offer. I will always counter the first offer as my best and I will let the buyer know that. So, if the buyer comes back after with a lower offer, I will just decline and block. In my experience, buyers that continue to ask for a lower price after I already told them that it is the best I can do, will continue haggling AFTER they receive the item.
  10. I would offer now. I think you have more chance of looking like a genuine buyer with interest in the product. Plus it gives her time to get back to you within the 48 hour time expiry to enter a dialogue. By offering early she also has a chance to process the offer. Maybe you won't get the offer price but at least have a chance to enter some negotiation where it could be mutually beneficial. If the offer is fair as well she may take it. I think it shows more respect to offer earlier.

    I think if you offer on the last day, it looks like you are just trying to get a bargain and hoping she will be desperate to sell on the last day, sort of a, I don't really care if I get the item offer so I'm trying to get you to agree at the last minute.

    Then people just re list and you as an offerer will be forgotten.

    I wouldn't wait until the end either after it finishes. I think it could upset the seller a bit doing that.
  11. There's no advantage to waiting to offer. You don't know her mindset, or the behavior of other bidders out there. Someone could come in later but higher than you; she may be offering it elsewhere where she's also getting offers; she may decide to sell at a better time, and so on. Be a buyer and make an offer, and make it fair and tempting--at least tempting enough to keep her thinking seriously.
  12. It's on hold for now. There's a discrepancy in the size that I've sent her a question on and I'm waiting for her to answer.