Wait listed for 3 days and I got it :D:D **Photos**

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  1. I've been eye-ing this baby for a while now. I wasn't too sure about it but because of the price adjustment in Canada ( it got cheaper), I've decided to get it. However, I was told by someone over the phone on Sunday that they haven't gotten any in for a while now, possibly a month or so but I insisted in talking to my SA and have her put me down on the waitlist. I gave her my CC number and told her to call me once she gets them in. I didn't think it'd happen so quickly. I got a call on Weds and I was there to pick this baby up today :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:

    Sorry guys, I'll be doing a lil' strip tease, I don't get to do this much :sweatdrop:



    Thanks for sharing my excitement! :heart::heart:
  2. Gimme gimme more, gimme more...
  3. :noggin:

  4. Show us
  5. :popcorn:
  6. Hahaha you guys are really quick with these teases!!!! I promised I'll post the next hint in a couple mins... I'm sure you guys will know right away!
  7. I'm going to guess it's the Manhattan that's on your list?! lol
  8. A Tivoli?

    Aww I can't take the suspense...just looked at your signature so I'm probably wrong!
  9. Here's another hint :graucho: Can anyone guess?????

    Sparkle: I had to pass on the manhattan for this...

  10. Is that a Trevi I saw peeping out of the dustbag??

  11. PATIENCE is s virtue..:angel:

    reveal ALL please...:p
  12. IT's a TREVI!!!!!!!!!!?? Woohoo!!!!!
  13. Oh boy you guys are bad!!!!!! That tease didn't even last 5 mins.. And I felt pressured to reveal :p



    For those who are interested about the interior.

  14. i love that bag, congrats!!
  15. Haha stripping is kinda fun when the stripping is fast haha. Looks like Damier!!!