Wait a sec, wasn't this fake Kooba already sold on ebay?

  1. $9.99 opening bid ???? Good Lord- some people don't even TRY to hide the fact that it's fake !! Do you ever find yourself looking at the dustbag for clues too ?? Seems to me that all the fakes come with those cheapo dustbags that are like heavy duty papertowels (like HandiWipes....) not the good quality bags you get with an original.
  2. I can't even imagine that I would buy a Kooba or any bag on eBay any more. It's just not worth the risk.
  3. I would assume someone bought a big old batch on Ioffer. Maybe it's the same seller with different ID's or maybe the scammers don't care if they steal eachother's auctions...LOL They need to put Ioffer out of business.
  4. I feel for the winners of those auctions. They get a load of crap for their money and won't experience the wonderful leather of a real Kooba.

  5. It is a real shame, isn't it?
  6. curious all, How did you know it is a fake? I'm comparing it to my Marcelle that I have with me here in the office (purchased at Saks off 5th) and it looks the same!

    Do tell, I am dying to know.
  7. I do not recall Marcelle coming out in that color #1, #2 the leather is pebbled.
  8. Aha! so that's it! thanks cheekers!

    It seems so scary to purchase anything on eBay anymore... so many fakes... and to see the prices that some of them go for! Just turns my stomach.
  9. Sometimes it's hard to tell until you have the bag in hand. And if you are new to Kooba and don't know what to expect in it's leather quality, you may never know you have a fake.
  10. Good grief! That is a crime, as true crime. I'm even afraid to look at bags on eBay anymore. It appears that probably sometime last night while looking at bags my password to my account (and maybe other things in my computer) became compromised. Yup, I got the dreaded ebay email saying so. If they will knowingly sell fake bags I wouldn't put anything past them and that includes spyware on their site.

  11. dead giveaway :shocked: