waist bag vs. mini waist bag

  1. hello:huh:oo ladies. i am kinda sorta wanting the waist bag thing. for those of you who have it, do you like it do you use it alot? and secondly, i know there are two sizes... is the difference that big? i'm kind of small so liking the mini size, but i dont like the green and red web. i'd rather have the plain brown web which is only available in the regular size. does anyone have modeling pics of either to compare?
    thank you my lovelies! :yes:
  2. My friend has the bigger one and I have the smaller ones. We both love it and use it alot. I preferred the way the smaller on looked on me. I have the one in black and one in the khaki and pink. We're both 5 ft tall. The mini is small but I can fit my cell phone, cards, lipgloss and small lotion in the front and put my money in the back pocket. I lived in them all summer.
  3. Sorry it's a not a great pic but this is the only one I have and I'm at work. I'll try and take better ones tonight or tomorrow.

  4. thanks you two! hey mssmelanie, is that the mini or regular?
  5. ^It is the mini
  6. I had the regular and returned it, it was too big on my waist. Now I have the small and its perfect!
  7. DH just took these.... He was like, "you're not selling these, are you?" LOL

    These still aren't the greatest pics.. The mini's are really so cute. The pics don't do it justice.

  8. I have both(sorry no pics) it all depends on what your going to use them for. I use the big one a lot more. When I was in Europe I used the small one more because i had less things to carry like one key, money & phone....here in the us i have a million keys, credit cards, 2 cell phones, papers...etc. But if your tiny, the little one might be better for you. Try going to the stores to compare before you buy online.
  9. i love the mini, but also dislike the red and green; i'm just waiting for the mini to come out in all brown! it's gotta happen!
  10. Looks really good on you. I like the pink one :okay:
  11. ahh do you think it will? but then stinas makes a good point about what your going to use it for. hmmmm.... thank you ladies for all your comments. :heart:
  13. ^The mini retails for $395. The pink ones went on sale during the spring sale and you can find them at the outlet for $239.
  14. lol thanks they look very nice on you
  15. I really want pink one, but I live in the middle of Ohio, which is a waste land. :sad: Anyone know where I can find it online? I can't find it on the Gucci website *cries* :cursing: