Waikiki SA Recommendation and Cles Price?

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  1. Hi!

    I'll be heading to Hawaii next week and was wondering if anyone has any good SA recommendations for the LV's in Waikiki? And does anyone know how much the DA cles costs over there?

  2. Go see Karen Phillips at the Waikiki LV. She's the only SA I go to when I visit Oahu. She's been a SA for over 20 years and is great to work with!
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    I really appreciated Theresa and Chona (a Team Manager) at the Ala Moana location (normal mall hours) or Ken at the location near Luxury Row (they are even open till 11 pm! Gump Building). I was there a couple weeks ago. My purchases were with Theresa and Chona at the mall.

    LV is discounted in Hawaii and their sales tax is only 4.7% so much better than my home state or Oregon, who has no sales tax, as the discount and low sales tax in HI is still better than OR without sales tax!
  4. Perfect! Thank you so much!

  5. Thank you for this info! I'll look out for them!
  6. +1 for Ken. He's super nice!
  7. Bumping this thread - also looking for an SA in Waikiki!
  8. I just made a purchase from Ken at the Gump's Building. He was super helpful and very friendly.
  9. Bumping this thread because I was wondering what the city steamer pm price is in Hawaii