Wahhhhhhh!i Need A Baby Cabas In Black!sniff!

  1. I so need all of your help!!!!!!
    I can NOT find a black baby CABAS bag for the life of me.......If anyone sees one..please let me know ASAP! Id so appreciate it!

    PS- Yes..I called Chanel and NM...LOL
  2. actually most of the Chanels I called when I was looking for bronze waitlists had the black and white only. Oh and when I called the Orlando one the guy offered to order me one but I was on the waitlist at my local Chanel for black.
  3. I may have found one in another state..holding my breath...LOL!
  4. ^ Good luck Jill. =)
    I called my local NM, there's a waiting list.
  5. Im on the darn waitlist too..LOL..but I may have found one today!
  6. OH..MY...GOD~!!!!!!!!!!

    I GOT IT!!!!!!! WOOHOO!!!!! Someone ordered it and never picked it up!!!!Itll be here TUESDAY!!
  7. Congrats!!!
    Be sure to post pics when you get it! :yahoo:
  8. WOW! Congrats Jill!!! Perfect timing! =)
  9. Nice that all the hard work paid off. :smile:
  10. congrats that you found one!
  11. Yay!:yahoo: Can't wait for your pics!