WAAAA My Vert d'eau Day arrived but it's BLUE INDIA

  1. WTH!:confused1:
  2. Oh no! Where did you buy it from?
  3. huh? Oh dear! Quick, get an exchange....sure hope that they still have a VD day available! ....hmm....but I haven't seen a BI Day before... can we get droolicious pics first before she goes back? lol...

  4. Neimans. I know I can return it but I was sooooo looking forward to getting it. What a let down. Not that I don't like Blue India I was just expecting what I ordered. And the SA called me just to tell me she had it. So sad :crybaby:

  5. She's already in my car in the "return" pile. I'll go take some quick pics before my DH gets home.:p
  6. oh dear, thats a bit of a disappointment for you... Sorry to hear that! hope you find you VD Day soon!!
  7. How disappointing to not get what you ordered. I hope you can find the Vert d'eau.
  8. Z&J, I read the title and thought "SCORE!!!" BI is just stunning! I know, I know, if you don't love it send it back!

    I wish you well,

  9. Z&J - :sad: i'm so sorry! but you'll get the right one soon! keep us up-dated :graucho:
  10. But BI color is awesome.....i would never return it unless Vert Deau is wat u are lookin for, then that makes sense as if u force urself to get something u don't like it, then no point keepin it....but for me, i guess i will take it...haahahha

  11. Blue india is too close to my sky blue. I wanted something more on the green side.