"W" story on new Chloe designer!

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  1. I apologize in advance if this has already been posted but there is a blurb of note in the May issue of "W" magazine regarding our favorite brand!!!
    Here is the item:


    Another month, another quick exit of design talent from a European fashion house. With gossips still whispering about Lars Nilsson's departure from Gianfranco Ferre in February, Chloe replaced creative director (yeah!) Paulo Melim Andersson with Hannah McGibbon in March. Melim Andersson, in his three seasons at the house, had earned mixed reviews and seen a slowdown in sales growth. Clearly, Chloe CEO Ralph Toledano is hoping McGibbon will stem the tide. The 38 year old Brit, whose first collection will debut in spring 2009, worked under Phoebe Philo (double yeah!!!) for five years and, most recently, consulted as creative director on the brand's new perfume. "We look forward to the creative vision she will bring to the growing world of Chloe," Toledano told "Women's Wear Daily", "W's" sister publication.

    I think this is good news girls - except the part where we have to wait until next year?
  2. Yay- this is exciting news. Thanks for posting Div :flowers:
  3. I think CHB posted an article about this when it came out - I am kind of sorry to see Paolo go, TBH! I loved his last runway collection and I think his Marni influence really came out in bags like Elvire, Ada, Heloise, and Saskia.

    That said, I am really excited about seeing Hannah MacGibbon's first few lines - they reckon she will take Chloe back to the floatier, chiffon(ier), pretty, girly and more boho days. I hope she puts a new spin or edge on the Phoebe days - while Phoebe was legendary, I think those days are best left to the master (and the past)!
  4. Agreed.... but very exciting to have fresh blood so to speak. Can't wait to see what comes of it....
  5. can't wait for the new collection! I also love the marni touch in Melim Anderson's SS08 collection, been growing on me...
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