Vuitton 'pic', what is it for?

  1. This may seem like a very naive question, but while browsing at, I came across a 'pic'.
    What is it used for?
    There was no description or size measurement on there to help me either. :confused1:
  2. :shrugs:

    Can you do like a screen shot of the screen of it?
  3. its to put in your hair. if you have your hair up in a knot you stick it in for decoration.
  4. That is what I thought! I pointed it out to my GF because I always wear my hair up and it would be PERFECT for me, but she was telling me it was used for a stylus, phone dialer, etc...
  5. I don't actually know how to do a screen shot.
    It is under jewelry as a 'sweet monogram pic'.
  6. it would be a cute stylus for my nintendo DS now that you mention it.
  7. I wonder what they are selling for?
  8. Ya, it's to be put into your hair. I dunno about other cultures but in China thousands of years ago, women used to put these "zan zi" (mandarin) into their hair. My grandma has one from like 100 years ago:yes:
  9. Oohhhh... that!
  10. Has anyone seen them IRL?
    I want to know how long it is (if it will hold my hair by itself).
  11. nah, I doubt it. Usually they're just decorative pieces. Your hair is usually already secured in a bun/chignon, and then you add the dangling "pic" to your hair:yes:
  12. Yeah I saw that too..I wondered what to do with it..I thought it was a pin or something.
  13. yeah I saw that too and was wondering what they were for. They're super cute though.
  14. I think I need one now.
  15. it will look super cute on the hair... How much?