Vuitton made in USA?

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  1. Hi everyone
    I'm looking at a bag on Tradsey it is a Speedy 25 Bandouliere Empreinte
    Abricot Cross Body Bag. It shows a picture with a tag that says
    Made in the USA with imported Materials and the LV logo above it.

    I've just never seen one like that, do they make bags here?

  2. Yes, they sure do!
  3. Yes, they do, they started making a lot of the Empreinte bags in the US, including the Speedy 25, and yes, with the tag that notes the USA with imported materials.
    There have been several threads in the past on the issue of MIU and the tag.
  4. Yes'm. At least 2 of my Speedys were USA made

  5. Thanks you all so very much!! I really want this bag and it all looks good so far and the seller has been more then generous with my pain in the butt questions :smile: I love love love the color and they are not easy to find used.

    Thanks everyone!!
  6. Yes, a lot of the highly popular designs like the Speedy, Neverfull, Keepall, and Delightful are MIU to help meet the high demands of the NA market. Occasionally you may see a MIF float along and that was part of an assist to cover an order.
    France and Spain are responsible for covering the rest of the world although from time to time you may see an odd made in Italy bag cross your path. Italy is also responsible for helping out with shoes and sunglasses, although another member discussed how some of the LE runway pieces are also made there or in France.
    Hopefully other members can chime in and add any more tidbits that I might have missed...I'm in a bit of a rush to get out the door:P
  7. Thank you all again. one more question. Its that great red color, is blue jean dye an issue and can you protect the bag against it?
  8. My Neverfull MM MONO from 5th Ave NYC is made in USA. And I love it just as much. Got my MM in Europe and was made in France. It had a production flaw and I lived in NYC so got a made in USA bag. Very happy with it. Like a memory of my time in NY:smile:
  9. Dark-wash denim or cheaply-dyed clothing can be a huge source of colour-transferring issues; a rule of thumb is that if it will dye your skin, or has a history of doing so, then it will also likely dye your handbag.
    There is no real way that I know of to prevent this from occurring other than avoiding contact with these types of clothing, so maybe consider wearing the bag higher up on your body or by hand in this situation...this is just one of the downsides to having a lighter colour:tdown:
  10. Both my Speedy 35 (mono) and NF MM (DE) are Made in the US. Interestingly enough, however, my Josephine wallet and mini pochette are both MIF and I have a card case and key cles that ar both Made in Spain.
  11. I think I heard somewhere (maybe here) that SLG's are more likely to be made in Spain or France. I have a few made in US bags but no SLG's that were made in US.
  12. Yes, they are made in San Dimas, California! Hence the SD code.

  13. Good to know. I always thought it was San Diego for some reason
  14. Or Some *other* Dimension it seems given how long it takes for a piece to be repaired here in North America:hrmm: